• What state do you live in?
  • Your best bet would be to check the employee contract. If anywhere in there it says that you are an "at will" employee... then yes, they can fire you for whatever reason they choose.
  • are you retail?, most companies do have a "dress code" that they require you to follow. I am a guy and had multiple peircings in each ear, my manager told me (when I worked at the video store) I had to remove all but one. I pointed out that the dress code stated that a woman could wair a pair of studs, he told me I wasnt a woman, and I told him that was sexual discrimination. Also the book specifically said you could not wear NOSE RINGS, so I switched to a stud in my nose, and said it didnt say anything about studs. needless to say my manager releneted, but within a week cut me to part time and I was forced to quit...I would say if your dress code does not specifically say that you cant, then you can.
  • I had a job where there wasnt really any mention of piercings at all in the employee manual but when I came back the monday after I pierced my nose my office manager approached me cause she had heard I did it and told me I couldnt even wear a clear retainer in it when I was there. I ended up cutting half of the clear ball of my retainer and filling it down with a nail file so that it laid flat in my hold and i convinced everyone that what they were seeing was the whole and there was nothing in it. My job was at a doctors office, but i still thought it was dumb i couldnt even wear a clear one. Then I got a job at another doctors office and not only does he let me wear my nose ring, i had always wanted to get my tongue pierced and he told me that i could and he didnt care. So i guess it all depends on how uptight your boss and the people you work with are. But I would say if there is nothing in your manual saying that you cant wear piercings then you have a damn good arguement if your employer tells you you cant have it!!
  • An employer cannot fire you for this UNLESS there is a "bona-fide" reason for it. For it to be bona-fide it would have to coincide with the job's tasks and so on. Like for example, not hiring a pregnant woman because heavy lifting is involved in the job task. That is bona-fide. I cannot think of anything being like that when it comes to tongue-piercings. Hope that helps. Oh, you can also threaten to SUE if they do fire you unless it's in a handbook hidden somewhere. So don't quit, let them fire you!! lol
  • If an employer is to fire you because of a piercing it must be stated at time of employment that piercings are not allowed or it must be written in a current employee handbook. Otherwise they cannot do boo about it.
  • It all depends on company policy. Some piercings can be " hidden" with retainers. Best bet is to ask an HR representative.
  • companies have a right to state anything they desire within their code of conduct and dress codes that seem reasonable and do not discriminate within religious and ethnic boundaries. You have a right to refuse and they have a right to fire you. If you took the job you have to adhere to the rules unless you feel it is discrimination and then you can go to court, but I have never seen anyone pay out the money and time and such to fight such a thing, it would probably get thrown out of court anyway and you would be out of money AND a job.
  • I have a tongue ring and no one that I work with even knows that I have it... its really not noticeable so your employer would have no reason to fire you if they don't even know you have it...
  • An employer has the right to set Dress Code Standards for his business .... If not having any showing piercings is one of them and YOU fail to comply; he does have the right to terminate your employment .
  • an employer can fire you for having a nasaly voice, in most states, so you can refuse and be unemployeed
  • Sure you can, and then he'll fire you for insubordination. How im-fucking-portant is it to have a tongue ring at work, something that no one really sees unless you show them or you talk a lot? By your question, you can tell you only have it for the attention. Stop already, and do your work. This is a bad time to be playing chicken with your job silly goose.
  • sure you can! And then they can find probably a hundred different reasons to fire you! Do you want your job? Is your tongue ring really that important? I had a job delivering pizza. They asked me not to wear the tongue ring at work so I immediately took it out. (I put it in my bottle of water because it was the only clean place I could think of to store it) and put it back in when I left work no big deal. I guarantee you if you needed the job you wouldn't even be asking the question.
  • Yes they can.
  • not that i know of
  • Yes. Piercings and tattoos can be grounds for dismissal.

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