• I better be my husbands mid-life crisis or else! Really I think they do. Usually it involves a new car or boat or some kind of toy.
  • I've not experienced it with the men in my life so I'm not sure if "majority" would be right..I think it depends on the nature of the particular man. If he is really an adult and has left childish things behind him..if he is centered and balanced and calm as a rule..if he appreciates what he has and what his loved ones do for him and they appreciate him..if he likes himself...then I think there is no need for the "mid-life" kicking up the heels and rebelling at getting older..some men feel they are losing their desirability and need to go out and keep proving themselves over and over and over again..the grownups among men don't need to do that. Whether the ones who need to do that are the "majority" I don't really know, but I sure hope not because they're probably not a lot of fun to live with for their families. :)
  • Yes, I think that there's a time in every man's life when they see themselves older and unable to do the same things that they did when they were younger. They need to become comfortable with becoming older and there is usually a bit of a rebellion prior to this. I am still attractive, I can still do the things I use to do, etc. It's a new phase of life and they are sorry to see this phase go. I'm sure fear has something to do with it (although they may not realize it as such).
  • I did, my wife left me and took the kids with her so I could be alone to figure out what I wanted to do in my life. To this date, I am still alone!
  • I think some do, but more often than not, it seems to me to be a mid life celebration. On the occasions I've come across guys doing the whole "hey I'm a teenager trip" it appears to be when their children are grown, their financial situation is secure, their family has been provided for and now their time is freed up and suddenly it's their turn. They can think about all the things they'd like to have and do and be and now they get the chance to grasp those opportunities without all the pressures and responsibilities weighing them down. They get to chill out and be themselves.. be who they are and not just be dad and husband. Good on em I reckon, 'cause the good guys - they deserve to have that fun and freedom in their life now. My husband was a daddy at 17 and gave up his boats and bikes and racing career, threw his trophies in the bin, sold his motorbikes, gave up everything he loved doing and being just so that he could stand by my side and raise our child with me. All his friends kept right on living and he missed out on all of it, stayed here with me and his baby girl. Now she's all grown and everything is good for us and there is nothing in this world I would not allow him now. He can have his crisis or his celebration - either way, I'll be right by his side backing him up the whole way :))
  • yes, often after a drmadic event; ( a divorce, a death or a career downfall can cause it) sometimes is just realizing you have lived longer than you have left to live.
  • I don't think it's a majority of men. I think most men live their lives on a pretty even keel. Some men do go through a mid-life crisis but I think that's mostly just a culmination of small things building up and then being dealt with at once. In most cases it blows over in a few months. I think it's fairly rare when a mid-life crisis causes serious issues.

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