• Cute avatar! Yes I did... I would go to Disney World every year and we also had a house in Florida that I would go to once a year as well. Also I went to Italy and the Bahamas a few times. It was nice. =)
  • Yes... My parents would take us on monthly trips during the winter and summer time... I've been to a lot of states... But the first time I ever got out of the country was this last december... Soon I will visit all of the countries... Muahahahahaha!!
  • I was 2 months old when I first got on an airplane it was from Puerto Rico to New Jersey. As a child I traveled back and forth about 15 times. My parents also did many road trips along the east cost of the US. I did do lots of traveling as a kid.
  • My dad was a criminal attorney so we travelled a bit. Usually it was not very far from home in Richmond, but we went to several states up and down the eastern seaboard from Florida to New York. My dad tried a lot of cases in West Virginia and Maryland so we went a lot of places in those two states.

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