• we go though life pinning and drooling over guys like this. see pic one. then we for some unknown reason we end up with guys like you see in pic two. can you explain it. cause i dont know. my best friend who is the guy in pic two asked me to add pic three which is of him all dressed up. and my best friend saw this little poll of mine and is now calling guy in pic one a stud muffin.
  • Well the guy in pic 2 looks like fun. The guy in pic 1 might be hot (ish - I'm not so sold oon the six pack thing) but he looks like he knows it a bit much. And he's probably a bit boring. The thing is when you meet guy 2 you think he's really quirky, and different and he makes you laugh - you don't account for the fact that two months later those same quirks are probably going to be driving you insane and you can't help but wish you'd given guy 1 a chance instead...
  • the guy in pic 1 is just a fantasy, at the end of the day he is a normal guy when he isnt modelling, he probably still picks his nose and farts like most other men, but the man in pic 2 is a down to earth type of man. I would personally prefer to be with a down to earth guy then i could be myself, i would feel i needed to put on airs and graces and be false with the guy in pic no 1... just my personal opinion SG.. nothing wrong with an honest, decent hard working man.
  • Honestly? My boyfriend is much better looking than the guy in the first picture. I'm not saying that to be smarmy, he's simply an incredibly attractive person. I think the major downfall with "dreaming and pining" about the types of men the first picture suggests is that most things in life are not what they're cracked up to be, and this is no exception. It's the mentality and the idea of being with and loved by someone that looks like that that is appealing, not the person him/herself. No human being is perfect - we're all flawed. Sooner or later we figure out that there's more to life than having something shiny on the trophy wall. We always want more, we want substance and meaning. "Average" people are not average at all - they're the ones that have true beauty!
  • I certainly did not end up with somebody like the guy in the second photo. My husband was beautiful, inside and out. Beautiful silver hair from the age of early 20s and all the other exterior attractiveness to go with it. He was just an incredibly attractive man, with a wonderful heart and spirit. There is nothing wrong with the guy in photo 2 just a different look.
  • The guy in photo 1 looks too much like high maintainance to me he would be hogging the bathroom and mirror more than me so i would have the guy in photo 2 he looks down to earth and fun.
  • I like the guy in pic two better, he has a nice smile and what looks like a great personality. Pic one looks like he may be dull, egotistical and boring.
  • You have a tendency to fall for guys that are only attracted to men.
  • I can appreciate Pict 1, it takes work and dedication to look aesthetically pleasing. But pining and drooling? Never. I've also never dated anyone that looks like Pict 2, I think my man is handsome. Who knows, if I met the guy in pict 2, maybe I'd think he looked nice, most people usually have at least 1 nice/pleasing feature. :)
  • Ummm. Because it'll be the person that loves us that we really want. Besides that, I can't be with a guy who bores me. And guys who think their purpose in life is to sit there work out and look good, well generally that's actually more of a turn off to me.

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