• You can't. But don't give up hope, there is an alternative way. Media Player cannot rip .m4a files into .mp3 files. To accomplish this, you will need a 3rd party program. There are tons availible. Some free, other not. You can do a google search for "m4a to mp3 conversion" for a some reviews and lists of products availible. Another usefull site is Just don't confuse the list of results with the list of advertisements.
  • dBpoweramp its free, it has many codecs for free! can convert many many types of audio into one another at user set rates and qualities.
  • There is a program that coverts audio files, works very well and offers a 30 day trial (full version) or used to, before you have to buy it. Check it out. It's a cool little program.
  • a free program from called "my fair ipod" is good
  • i am honored to help you such problems, because i found a powerful and nice tool one day before, and it solved almost all of my problems to convert the files between different form, just try out the 4videosoft all music converter for mac, get full guide ,go [url=] audio converter[/url]
  • You can't do it with WMP, but you can still draw help from AudFree iTunes Audio Converter. Here's the tutorial on how to do that step by step:

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