• If he is I'll take his "V-Card"! LOL
  • I highly doubt it.
  • I think he is not a virgin .The way he talks about sex in his songs it looks he has had some practice in that topic. The boy fine as Hell I don't think it. There are ALOT of girls that want him ,and you are telling me that he hasn't done it yet !? Yeah right tell that to the next Idiot that you see walking down the street. Well thats alll I have to Sorry Chris Brown , but Your secret has been unvealed . You are a grat guy don't change for anyone not even a girl that wants you so bad !!!! ( a..k.a ALL OF AMERICA)
  • Whose Chris Brown?
  • Definitely not lol Look at his live performances of "Take you down" on Youtube...better yet look at the lyrics lol
  • um mI do think he is a virgin... why I mean look at him he is tooooooooooooo fine not to be a virgin there r lotz of pretty gurls that I think chris would love to give it up 2 (like me) love you always
  • chris is a virgin because he haent done the do with his wifey me yet we havent done noitn yet we watin 4 a while till we di the s.e.x. ma hubby is fine as i dont noe wat he is the finest thing sice j. holiday yea but he is a virhin cause i read thin thing out of the magazine and his momma wont let himm have sex w/ me till we get married so yea my mother in law and him are very close!!!!!!!!

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