• Remember the bridge incident when the poop hit the fan(s)...It tells about the bus driver who got rid of the s--- load that was too much for the bus's john...Please excuse me, I have had too much sugar today!!!
  • I don't know the answer to your question. Just the joking one. Perhaps someone else knows the meaning of the song. Hope you find out the meaning. :)
  • This was the first song Dave Matthews wrote. Dedicated to Matthew's girlfriend at the time, Julia Grey. Matthews wrote this about his old girlfriend, Julia Grey. He asked her to marry him three times and went through different feelings. "I'll back you up" is about understanding, "Halloween" is about anger, and "Grey Street" is about confusion. The color is spelled "Gray." It is likely that this is about Julia Grey, Matthews' old girlfriend who followed him to the US from South Africa. She also inspired Matthew's songs "I'll back you up", "Halloween" and possibly "Recently."You can think of this song as the 3rd installment after "I'll back you up" and "Halloween." He's in love with a girl, proposes to her ("I'll back you up"), she turns him down every time he proposes, he gets mad ("Halloween"), but still tries to keep her ("Grey Street"). (thanks, Live Freak - Beirut, for all above)

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