• RosieG, It would be hard for you to offend me. The weather is a little better today,(still cloudy) Yesterday it rained all day long.
  • How DARE you ask about the weather! lol It's gorgeous here! Sunny and low 70's. I'm getting lots of canning done since it's not awful hot in the kitchen!
  • I find the weather VERY offensive. HOW DARE YOU? Don't you KNOW that we are in the middle of a major "TROPICAL STORM" here where I am? People could be DYING OUT THERE. And you just ask, "How's the weather?" I thought I knew you better than that.
  • Hi, I feel the same way sometimes. Were getting a tropical storm. I think you are pretty safe on this subject, but who knows there are a people that will get offended by anything. I'm not one of them! Good luck with it, and your weather.
  • Never ask an English person about the weather, we could talk for days :-) Stick to politics and religion and **** what people think :-)
  • I steer clear of those subjects because there are so many conflicting points of view which invariably leads to argument. People will always think they're right in regard to those subjects.
  • And aren't you getting a tad personal with your probing questions into our individual meteorological environments? What's next? Are you going to judge us on our responses and tell us that God did or didn't want us to have a nice day, or that the government didn't tax us sufficiently to produce adequate sunshine? Your type makes me sick with your constant pitching in for more government involvement in our daily lives and control over everything from the clouds over our heads to the humidity we breathe. And you insist that it's all just a natural act of a few clouds here and a little rain there, and some lightning and thunder and a wind up the backside. You never let up. You're always trying to tell us how we're supposed to feel about the weather even though you know we can't do anything about it, yet you keep on insisting that we spend money on heating and cooling and drying and humidifying as though there were no tomorrow and we didn't have to pay for Granny's hip operation. You obviously think our money grows on trees and that we don't have to worry about where our next meal comes from. . There, that was fun. And the Chicago weather has been very nice, thanks for asking. . And I obviously chose to be offended, but I just changed my mind and I'm not offended anymore.
  • It's been georgeous due to a lull in the Global Climate Change. How can you be for climate change? See how no topic is safe these days? Have a great, climate free day.
  • I completely agree RosieG! It's a shame we get downrated just for posting anything that it political. I don't even go anywhere near religion, not that I'm any kind of expert in that subject. A good question in any subject should not be downrated for no reason. If you have an opinion, state it! As for the weather, would you believe we broke our high temperature records the past 2 days. After a cool end of August, it's a very warm September. And we haven't had rain in about 3 weeks, very dry.
  • What, are you saying that your weather is better than my weather? Is California's weather not "gorgeous" enough for you? Hehe. The weather here has been getting kind of chilly, but it's a welcome change after a two week long hot spell!
  • I love talking about the weather and living in New York there is always plenty to talk about, any time of the year LOL!!! We just finished getting downpours the last two days. Today was finally cooler, which is nice.l It had been getting close to 80-85 with high humidity and I was starting to dislike that constant clammy feel. Today was cooler, cloudy with passing sunrays, and very enjoyable. I liked the fresh breezes. I feel fall coming. The trees are just starting to change. Some small trees are brightly colored.
  • Becuaes those are the topics people disagree about the most, most often.
  • there are leaves on the ground!!! yaya!!!
  • Who would dare smack you down Rosie? Who are they? Who ? tell me I'll take care of anyone who is smackin down my friend for asking a question about polotics or religion lol
  • Who would dare smack you down Rosie? Who are they? Who ? tell me I'll take care of anyone who is smackin down my friend for asking a question about polotics or religion lol
  • Hi Rosie! Her is an ice pack, a heating pad, some aspirin, a cozy blanket and soft pillow to help ease the pain of the smacking. Meanwhile, the weather is perfect here. Not too hot, blue and sunny, just enough breeze. Heaven!
  • Rosie I am extremely offended. You know we have had just about the worst summer in living memory, in fact since records began. I feel that by you telling me how nice your weather has been you are insulting the country in which I am residing and in the process rubbing my nose in the fact that I have about as much suntan as the belly of a wet fish. How could you be so cruel and inflammatory.? :)
  • Ah ha! Rosie, you little trouble maker! Now who's feathers did you ruffle? :) Eh, you know what they can do if they can't take it....I'm still on your side!
  • If you're in Scotland, and you complain about the fog, I think you'll offend somebody. Feymnan said that in Greece, everybody complains about the heat, although it's a few degrees cooler there than in Pasadena, where nobody complains. Whoever complains just makes it that much harder for everybody else. Is it your goal to go through life without offending anybody? When and how did inoffensiveness become our highest national ideal? I think it started with a reaction against white bigots insulting Negroes.
  • While the question isn't offensive the weather itself is. It's getting cold and I'm not happy about it.
  • I am highly offended by your use of question marks,,, PS. hi :- }
  • I like you, even from this distance LOL
  • First off, I'm offended by your touchy feely politeness. To answer your question let me say that the Lord God has created a blissful day down here in San Antonio, but the politicians are trying to say it is because they spent 25 billion trillion dollars of my money to reduce carbon emissions by a quarter of a percent.

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