• Might be because of the laser mouse. Ive found that buying a new one fixes this problem. As for fixing the problem by fixing the mouse ive no solution.
  • I have this problem as well.. i've reinstalled both mouse drivers and usb drivers, checked for viruses and done a system recovery thing, dunno name in english.. but the problem won't go away.. i have a explorer 3.0 mouse.. the red lamp goes off when it happens and the cursor just freezes, with the "new usb thingie conneced" ding, then it dings again after a few seconds and it works again.. i rly can't figure out the problem.. spent 5 hours searching the internet, found lots of ppl with same prob but no one seems to know what the problem is anywhere! =(I've ordered a new motherboard, cpu and ram)=
  • Time for a new one ! Get a cordless one (microsoft)They work great,no problems .I use rechargable batterys and got a small charger with those 4 batterys.
  • Mouse is the cheapest component of PC. So they don't care to put them to quality control. With my PC, it is mouse which gives problems most of the time. Just buy a new good mouse.
  • I've noticed thishappens wit hall optical mice that are over a year old. I have changed 3 optical mice so far in 4 years and now the 4th nearly a year old is givingthe sae problem.

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