• First select an appropriate container with a lid. Nearly any clear glass or plastic container will work. Just make sure you have enough room to reach your hand into your container for planting and maintenance. If you can't fit your hand in the opening use a funnel to pour in the drainage layer and chopsticks or wooden skewers to plant. Wash your container in hot soapy water. Next cover the bottom of your container with a 1/2" layer of pea gravel. For larger terrariums 1 1/2". This will serve as your drainage layer. Some people like to add a layer of activated charcoal carbon. Carbon only stays active for approximately 30 days. It's useless after that. Next fill the container to approximately one-third to one-half full with moist potting mix. The amount of soil you put in will depend on the size of the container (you need to have enough room for plant roots). Now you're ready to add your plants. I've listed some suggestions. When selecting plants choose plants that have similar needs. Sun loving or shade loving, just don't mix them. Small slower growing plants are best. African violet artillery fern false aralia jade plant nerve plant oxalis pink splash plant prayer plant small ferns small peace lilies small philodendrons spider plant strawberry begonia Swedish ivy Remove the plants from their container, knock off the extra dirt, and gently break apart the bottom of the roots a little. Make a hole in your soil and place the plant in it. You may want to add decorations. Rocks, small figurines, marbles, etc. After you plant and decorate use a turkey baster or syringe to wash down the sides and water your plants for the first time. Place your terrarium in bright indirect sunlight to avoid overheating and condensation. If excessive condensation does occur, just crack the lid until it evaporates. Water sparingly.

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