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  • Kipe: 1. An osier basket used for catching fish. 2. (slang) to steal As a child my father would warn us kids not to "kipe" ("kype") things, meaning "steal." According to the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE), "kipe" or "kype" is found mostly in the western U.S., especially the Pacific Northwest, with some scattered usage in the Plains, Midwest and mid-Atlantic states. To judge by a discussion of the term on the American Dialect Society mailing list a few years ago, the variant form "kife" seems more common in the eastern states. To "kipe" (also spelled "kype" and "kipp") means "to steal or pilfer," with the same general sense as "swipe" of casually snatching something of small value (as opposed to robbing a bank, for instance). To steal, pilfer, or swipe something of small value, e.g. a candy bar or some other commonly shop-lifted item. If fading use. primarily regional to the American Paific Northwest. From the Old English "kip", menaing "to snatch" or "to take hold of". Probably originally from the Old Norse "kippa", meaning to "to snatch", "to tug on", or "to pull on".
  • An adrenaline rush fortified by an external molecular pattern of enzymes intersecting at an equal rate of their time ammounted and accounted for by multiple neutralizing white blood cells in your immune system to defend or fight off infectious diseases entering into your body. =)

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