• The Spousal Unit is Crafty - artsy-fartsy, like to "create" cra.........stuff. Part of that is this theory that a gift is worth more if one makes it themselves. Of course "crafty" also means that one has to think outside of the box (What box I have no idea, I'm just a man - man = clueless) And of course crafty also means that you have to think outside of the box every year, coming up with something new each year. One year it was a tray, on that tray we put a few mugs, around that we filled in with packets of sugar, dry creamer, various teas (herbal and otherwise) sample packs of coffees, Individual packs of hot chocolate, cider, blah. Another year it was all baked goods, muffins, cup cakes, cookies, etc on cookie sheets - not full sized cookie sheet - The spousal unit found half sheets at a dollar store. Another year it was candies in a basket - Sounds like an easter basket to me, the spousal Unit insists that no eggs means its not an easter basket. Anyway we sent to the store and bought an assortment of candies, all "Christmas" candies. These were put in baskets which looked like balls - the Spousal Unit painted them white and pasted on glitter making "snow balls" Another year it was candles, candle holders, incense, incense holders. Another year is was stuff for the kitchen, measuring cups, measuring spoons, hot pads, and something called a "melon baller" (a few other things I can't remember) along with that was a homemade cookbook of "our favorite Christmas dishes". Another year is was fancy soaps - you know the kind, they are put out in the bathroom but your not allowed to use them... So yes we do do gift "baskets". ;-)
  • Thanks !! sounds like fun What a bunch of great ideas.. I am thinking about making gift baskets to sell/give for the holidays..I wanted to see if people actually use or give
  • no, im out of work and noone invites me over for christmas anyways

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