• That's all in relation to how young she looks I guess. But, um, eh, I'll throw a number out there. 50.
  • When you can see the wrinkles between their breasts....not that I know anything about that.
  • When too many wrinkles start to becomes appropriate to just stop wearing low cut blouses....
  • Well I wouldn't look once the boobie wrinkles start showing but if a woman with boobie wrinkles wants to keep wearing low cut blouses mor opower to her I'll just make sure I wear blinders around her though lol
  • I'm not a fan of low-cut blouses anyway. I feel that if it's too low for a middle-aged woman to wear, young women shouldn't be wearing them either. But perhaps that's just me.
  • when that lady or girl stop being classy and just look slutty and thats tacky,tacky,tacky
  • When what is exposed is wrinkly, shrunken and generally unattractive..although I think a very low cut blouse is certainly not ladylike at any age. Think Audrey there was a real lady. :)
  • When the varicose veins on her legs start to look like a Thomas guide.
  • I would say too old would be defined where she has to open four bottons before cleavage is apparent (that whole gravity thing):)
  • When everything hangs down further than it does out.
  • I think as long as she looks good and feels confident about it. Maybe because I'm well-endowed, I don't think it takes a low cut blouse to show your breasts. It's hard for me not to unless I button up to my chin and I hate the feel of that. I show some cleavage, it's usually a bit tan from being outside but not all dried up with age and my husband thinks it's nice. Since I don't dress for other people and don't have it down to my bellybutton to shock people, I think it's fine that I am slightly over 50 and still wear those things. I please myself and my husband. I don't shock or disgust people with immodesty. But then again, I don't need to see anybody, no matter what age showing lots of lots of cleavage, and certainly not young ladies. There is always a tasteful way of doing things at any age.
  • At the age her husband wouldn' enjoy it anymore...
  • ...when she starts embarassing her kids.
  • Till it makes her happy.Even she does not look very nice wearing such a blouse, she can wear it at home.
  • 1) You must take one centimeter away per year from the length of the cut... 2) You need self confidence if you want to do it with growing age after 40. And be a friend with your body. Be aware of the feedback you get, and I don't mean what people would *tell* you openly. 3) In some countries, you should not do it if you are more than 7 year old...
  • I think this really depends upon the woman, but generally I'd say after 60.
  • Ok, wearing a low cut blouse is not something that is age regulated but rather time and place regulated. Most women enjoy dressing for their husband/SO as well as them selves and as long as the place it is being done is not "family like" then anything goes. To enjoy dressing "unbuttoned" and perhaps bra-less at a Car show is ok where the top can ease open and close with movement giving sensual side profiles of your assets.. No age dictates this but rather time and place!!
  • I don't like very low cut blouses, especially on larger busted woman. I hope I'm not saying that because I have no chest, but i think they look like they should be grazing!
  • Depends on where she's wearing it - what time of day it is (lighting does amazing things) and who she's with - how she looks and how she feels about herself. Wearing daring clothes if you are up to it is one thing - if you feel self conscious, it's quite another. The eye of the beholder is the other aspect. In private company with a man who thinks she's hot, I think a woman should wear what pleases him until she's at least 100. In business, at church or any function that includes young boys - low cut blouses at any age is tacky. Rather than set 'rules' I suggest looking in the mirror - and if you err - err on the side of being a bit too conservative - but regardless study the look. Being sans visible makeup, in flat shoes, a casual shirt and jeans and leaving that shirt one button daringly low - where there's nothing else sexy going on can look alluring for many years. (After all, dressed that way, nobody is going to look unless they're looking to begin with.) Tarty looks (no matter how tasteful) really need to be reserved for evenings and clubbing - and I think put to rest after 30 or 35.
  • If you are comfortable with yourself and have good self esteem and can keep it classy looking, why should age matter!!!
  • When they start to feel uncomfortable.

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