• Gerry Wheeler now lives in Santa Monica California and is a regular customer in the Speak Easy bar on Pico Blvd.
  • After Baltimore, Gerry's "Lorenzo" was on TV in Philadelphia for a couple of years. When I met Gerry, we were both working in Philadelphia area dinner theatre. Gerry was married and had 2 sons. Around 1983, we ended up sharing a rental house in Frazer, Pa. and he was a wonderful housemate! When my husband and I got married in 1986, Gerry danced the "Lorenzo Stomp" at our wedding! When my children were little, Gerry was a favorite of theirs. They particularly liked his "devil face"! I always regretted that I didn't live in Balt. or Phila. when he was on TV, but it was a treat to be in so many shows together. In the early 1990's, he followed his oldest son out to California after his granddaughter was born. We eventually lost touch. If you see him at the bar on Pico St., he 'll be facing the door, because "all good cowboys always sit facing the door." I miss him a bunch! Tonight I should do the "stomp" in his honor!
  • My name is Thomas Wheeler and I'm happy to tell everyone that I just read the above to Gerald Wheeler - my Dad - and he was deeply moved by the kind comments and remeberances. By the way: that first commenter must be Charman! Hi Charman! Dad sends his love and best! We're in Los Angeles. Gerald (Dad) just moved in with my brother Bill. He's 83 now and literally yesterday was showing some friends the Lorenzo Stomp which he still can pull off rather well. My brother and myself are both screenwriters and definitely attribute our Dad for the inspiration and imagination. Mostly now, Dad does a lot of walking and playing with his grandchildren. He has 4. Two boys and two girls. Will continue to look for comments here. Feel free to ask a question. There is only one surviving copy of the Lorenzo show and, luckily, we have it. But the search goes on for more. It's gratifying for me, personally, to hear about the impact my father's work had on so many.
  • Lorenzo's Cartoon Festival
  • I just got an email about what was any "old" tv shows I remember and the first thing I thought of was Lorenzo! We are supposed to add to the list but not duplicate. I am adding Lorenzo because I loved him. The other show I loved was Buddy Dean. My motto now is "dance like no one is watching". Baltimore was such a great city! Good people including some of my very own family came from Baltimore. Thank you Mr. Wheeler....Lorenzo for the great memories, the Lorenzo Stomp, and just plain good times! You are still #1 in my book. Wishing you good health, happiness, much fun with your family, lots of love and God Bless! {as another famous clown used to say} Much love from the Baltimore Metropolitan area! Debbie, Aberdeen, Maryland
  • Oh wqw! See? See how he affected people? I'm 48 and searching the web for information about Lorenzo. When Yakety Sax started I had a paper bag on my head for a hat and stomped along with him. Just ask my mother what she remembers about my childhood and one of the first things she'll say is Lorenzo and Bob McAllister. Wow! Serously! My ( paper bag) hat off to Mr. Wheeler and my sincere thanks. George
  • I was watching a Benny Hill DVD, and as soon as Yakety Sax started playing I remembered Lorenzo. What a great show ! The kids in my class even "composed" a song --- "The Streets of Lorenzo" ,,,, and who can ever forget The Lorenzo Stomp? SO ,,,, I "Googled" Lorenzo, found a brief mention of him in Philly ... but nothing from WJZ (how disappointing). Lorenzo --- I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your show, always hope you are well and stomping !!!!
  • BTW --- another great kids show was Pete the Pirate .... anyone know what happened to Pete? (I was his "first mate" one day ... I guess mom or dad must have sent him my name as a birthday gift).
  • It was some time ago, but I was hired to play a wedding, I’m a musician and fiddler. I drove out to Lahaska, Pa and met this older guy. Big tall guy. He started talking to me and just kept going and going telling me all about early TV in Philadelphia. It turned out to be Gerry Wheeler Lorenzo! We had a great time. He did most of the talking, telling me about his relationship with Boots Randolph and Pete Boil and Mike Douglas. Finally I had to say, “This is great Gerry, but I need to go to work now!” and I played then for the wedding party. It was Gerry’s Grandson’s wedding I think. I’m glad to hear he is doing well and I wish I could go have a beer with him at the Pico Blvd Speak Easy.

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