• Depends on what you mean by not using religion. Do you mean not using terms like heaven? Or do you not believe in the soul either? If you at least allow for soul you could try to explain that the part of what makes a person who they are, has left the physical world. That's not really religious I'd say. Besides, it just makes it easier on the child if they think the person isn't in some oblivion.
  • That they just got really tired, and their body just gave out on them. You could compare to like a car or something...I know thats really weak, but outside of religion/theism, I can't really think of anything good.. I'm sorry.
  • It depends on the age and intelligence of the child somewhat, but what I would try to communicate is that this is how all of life is: people and things are here for a while, but not forever. I would try to stress that this is why we should take care of people and things and appreciate them... because we only have them for a limited time. The sooner we understand impermanence, the better!
  • Well for an example when i take my kids to visit my fathers grave, they always ask where he is, i tell them he is in heaven with the angels. They are young admittedly and all children are different, but really it depends on the individual child, age, intelligence etc. My two dont understand the word 'death' yet, but with regular visits to the cemetery im sure in time when they are older they will realise what it is all about(i hope).
  • just tell them they went to heaven
  • try the truth but first you have to have knowledge of it...... and the experience of it.

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