• I would try to get to the bottom of the problem and try to find a solution, failing that just keep them apart, my partner has no right to determine who i can and cant be friends with
  • Get rid of your husband/wife! LOL I'm only kidding
  • make them pick which
  • That happens a lot with people. I put my guy first unless he is being unreasonable and I let him know it. Sometimes after a bit of time has passed.. the kinks get worked out.. either through less or more exposure.. it is different for each situation. Maybe they need to get to know each other and develope trust and see that they both want your happiness. Maybe they just need to learn to share you and are threatened the other is taking away from them. It could be different things.. just let it unfold on its own. If it comes to a head.. let them work it out.. it is their problem.. do not let them make it yours. Hopefully they will just slowly fall into a graceful and peaceful agreement to share you because they will see that they both mean a lot to you =)
  • Avoid seeing your friend with your other!
  • just keep your friend away from them
  • just keep your friend away from them

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