• I would say living together I much better choice.Why take an unnecessary chance.
  • I say, if you didn't get it the first or SECOND time, why in hell would you get it the THIRD time?!
  • Each marriage has its own merits and problems and need to be looked at individually. Its possible that "third times the charm" but its also possible that the people being joined in marriage have diferences that they havent realized yet that can lead to a break up of the marriage. One can only hope for trust and honesty in any marriage.
  • I would say equal chance, I'm sure there's stats out there somewhere that prove an equal chance right AND wrong! It depends on whether they have come to terms with what ended their first and second marriages, no matter who ended it. I would believe a person would learn more about picking a life partner and maybe third time's a charm?
  • according to 70-73% of third marriages fail, however if you live in Massachusetts you have a better chance. If you live in Nevada your probably screwed though... I guess third time isn't the charm... But you never know you could be one of the 27-30% that make it... Good luck. :)
  • my opinion is that if it hasnt worked for you by the time you are on number 3..then maybe marriage isnt for you.
  • I think the success of a 3rd marriage all depends on the circumstances the couple have meet. I'm a true believer if you marry someone who once was your mistress than once a cheater always a cheater.
  • I would say it depends on the couple and whether or not they have learned from the past and know how to apply their knowledge towards a successful, happy, and long-lasting marriage.
  • I was divorced in the year 2005, after 31 years of married life . sad. i married ii time , that also ended in divorse in 2006. then again married now enjoying seperated life, fantastic, should i think of next marraige, yes. life is stuggle.
  • I'm married for the second time. I learned from my mistakes from the first one. If you did'nt learn from your first one, I doubt you'll get it at all.
  • The odds dont get any better. sorry
  • I think a third marriage has a better chance. Seems plausable with all that experience. Although it does depend on the couple, of course. I'm in my third. If marriage is your preferred live style, all you can do, is keep trying.
  • Wcut's stats are correct. However, it also depends on the situation. If you were widowed the first and/or second time, it changes the stats to your favor.
  • I would say that there is most likely a flaw in a person's character if he/she is already onto his/her third marriage.
  • All the possibilities are countable!
  • It depends on why and how the previous marriages did not work. My boyfriend married young the first time. He and his girlfriend were partiers and decided to get married to have a party! They broke up months later. The second time he married a woman who hid major things about herself, like the fact that she was a closet prescription druggie. (Really get to know someone before you marry them!) He's older, we have been together for 5 years, have kids, and know each other. A marriage between us could work.
  • I am a third wife to a man who heated on both previos wives. We dated six years and he told me when he asked me to marry him that he got the tee shirt and wouldnt marry unless he was sure. Fast forward 8 years and low and behold he is doing the same thing too me.So I really think there is a character flaw in someone that is on third marriage
  • Statistically, worse. But I have heard of a man who married his 3rd wife and was happuly ever after. Typically it is an issue of not dealing with a problem on the inside that we (man or woman) don't want to look at, address or change. Then we tote this to the next person we fall in love with to re-manifest our problem all over again to our new mate.
  • Anything is possible! I am about to get married for the third time. My second husband who i had known for 10 years and was a family friend, turned out to be abusive and an alcoholic. He refused to communicate. I finally found a person who does not drink or use drugs. He is willing to talk things through to make things work. It really depends on the two people in the marriage.

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