• as I see it.. no
  • You can abbreviate it to IE6 and many people still know what you are talking about. If you abbreviate Forefox to FFX, many people will think you are swearing at them.
  • IE6 looks prettier.
  • From a developer's point of view: it's more popular.
  • I can't think of any. Oh wait! If you're a hacker or virus-maker, it has some advantages.
  • None, nada, zip.
  • Well it comes preloaded with bloatware, highly suseptable to spyware, adware, viruses; and dont forget! Comes preloaed with hundreds of bugs and required patches that need patches themselves! It eats up system resources, and it is a cheap rip-off with a flashy GUI of FFX! What more could you as for?!!?! oh wait... you could just get Firefox.... :D (btw Bon Echo release is badarse :P)
  • C'mon "ChrisDG": That's no reason to choose one browser over another. That's like saying: I'd rather eat poisoned candy, than eat fresh, clean, untainted collared greens, cause the candy tastes better!"
  • when you use ie and go to youtube , the videos get shown. i downloaded FF and was told to download something - did that - still didnt work - then google to find out the problem - still doesnt work. ie , you go to youtube - it works. i like that.
  • It comes with Windows; no downloading required..... unless you count downloading all of the patches you need to make it at least semi-safe.
  • IE 6 is so lacking in advantages that IE 7 has a lot of features that were stolen from Firefox. one advantage I found was that IE (all versions) are limited in the size of a file you can download, if you try to download a file over 4 gigabytes with it... it will fail. Firefox on the other hand has no problem downloading any size file, and will even let you pause downloads...
  • If your a fan of webcomics, when you update your favoriates with the latest comic on that site, it actually overwrites the previous link with the same name. Firefox doesn't do that, it creates a second link, forcing you to go into your favoriates, and delete the old one manually. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same, from what I can tell. All this talk about being weak against viruses, and such, I have no idea what they are talking about. Then again, I'm smart enough not to download viruses to my computer. Don't really need my browser holding my hand as I websurf.

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