• Stop chasing him. He obviously needs a break from you. Let him decide when to get back together, and keep your options open. You might find a different relationship more appealing, in the process.
  • =[ women can be so cruel. Well if he still likes you i suppose you could try jealousy... but i wouldnt assume just because he wont give u a straight answer that he still likes you. And be careful not to play with his heart too much...
  • You broke up with HIM. I think that's a good enough reason for him to not take you back. Stop the head games.
  • You've hurt his ego and his trust in you. Now you will have to find some way of mending them or he will probably not come around. You know his likes and dis-likes, use them against him if you really want him and are sincere, if you are not then you will be in a heep of trouble.
  • Maybe you should think things through clearly more next time you decide to make a choice like that! You probably hurt him!
  • If you seemingly had a great time and made him feel secure in this relationship and then when you get back home you break up with him- you have hurt him and destroyed his sense of trust. Do you really think he SHOULD take you back after that? He is hurt and you should let him be. He is not going to chase you when your broke his heart. He has to mend and learn to trust again. This is not an easy thing to do whether you are a guy or a girl. Dont even bother. What's done is done. Learn from your mistake and move on. Good luck.

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