• Knowledge!
  • i am always right and if you don't do it my way it will be wrong. lol otherwise known as ego, attitude, or bullying.
  • Being good at leading or thinking they are. Also, lots of people with security problems seem to relish being bossy to give themselves a boost.
  • A few possibilities: A bossy person thinks they know what is best for everyone. A bossy person doesn't want to be at the mercy of someone else's decisions. A bossy person is accustomed to being around a bunch of indecisive people who look to him/her for direction. A bossy person doesn't think others have any ideas to offer - either because that's been the history or because of being indulged regularly. A bossy person is bossy because no one challenges the bossiness.
  • Because they want to be in charge ! They want to control other's around them. That they have all of the answers to everything. (At least they feel they do.)
  • I think never learning that you are not the center of the universe makes people bossy. The are under the erroneous impression that what they want is paramount and everything else is subject to their desires. Bossy people see others as the means by which they can achieve their goal - their own satisfaction
  • power. If someone is in charge, they may become power hungry and boss people around mare than he/she should.
  • I think it could be they feel they have to be in control all the time.I no my grandma was very bossy and my mom was very bossy.I think it may have to do with being raised a certain way as a child to be having things done and getting them done.When you have very controling parents and family I think it may make you act that way or just there personality in general.
  • I think one or more of the following characteristics apply: Strong character, need to be in control, feelings of superiority, perfectionism, insecurity masquerading as the opposite, etc.
  • I would probably think selfishness, greedyness, or just being rude are some of them. They would just probably want more power and more.
  • If it's a he, he's probably henpecked at home.
  • Many things: a hyperactive sense of self-importance, trouble at home, depression, character flaw, lack of self-worth, jealosy, bad hair day, anything...
  • Assuming they are not really the boss - I think it's insecurity, they don't think they are being heard or paid attention to...they are looking for recognition or acknowledgment of some kind.
  • Either a low self-esteem or they are control freaks on a power trip.
  • The desire to control everything.
  • My personal answer is "insecurity". Insecurity tends to make folks want to control the situation and be somewhat the "center" of attention. I have stopped quite a few people from being bossy - simply by bolstering their ego and complimenting their abilities. If you make them feel special, they don't seem to demand so much attention.
  • Ironically I think 2 things on the opposite ends of the spectrum are the leading causes. 1.Insecurity. 2.Inflated ego.
  • When he/she act like boss.
  • If they believe they have power over someone else or feel the need to act like they have to be that way in order to get what they want.
  • bad genes
  • the perspective of the person calling them that.

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