• i would say having friends that are gay or lesbian shows that you are open-minded enough to support gay rights.
  • I just say to each his/her own , if thats what they choose to do , go for it + 5
  • Help my son plan his wedding if he finds mr right if and when that ever happens.
  • Buy them a fondue set!
  • allow people to be who they want to be. being different is the spice of life. as long as it does not cause harm to another then no one should care.
  • If you are talking on a friend/family level, go to the ceremony, cheer them on... On a cultural level get politically involved.
  • Write to your elected representatives in Congress and let them know you support the legalization of gay marriage, go to rallies in support of gay marriage, and start a letter-writing campaign to show your support. Keep abreast of issues involving gay marriage and write your legislators when the issues come up. On a more personal level, you can attend the ceremonies of gay friends when they symbolically join their lives in "marriage." Include them in your lives like you would any other married couple.
  • support the human rights campaign! here's a link:
  • What, even more wedding presents to buy? I suppose the old standby of a set of his and his towels would go down well.
  • I cant. According to God, the president, and most states, marriage consist of a union between 1 man and 1 woman. The end
  • You can copy/paste this url into your browser and sign this petition if you live in CA. You can also start a grassroots lobbying group. The best way to do this is to get a group together to go door to door getting people together to write letters to your representatives. I think letters are more effective than petitions if you can get enough of them written. Let me know in a comment if you want me to elaborate on how to do this.
  • I would like to say "be right behind them" but I'm not into that!
  • You can't. Stay away from that subject if you dont realy know about it first hand. Thats why this world is so messed up today, because people support things they realy know little about
  • Demonstrate your support with your vote.
  • Well I kind of did, and in dramatic fashion. I was working fulltime and going to college at night until I graduated last year, so I was always the most overdressed member of my class since I'm in banking and am in suits and BOW ties daily. This one friend of mine from school was a bit of a nut and loved my "buttoned-up and formal" look or, as she later called it, my "about to be wed" look. She ran a group on campus and last year talked me into being in a "mock wedding," for lack of a better term. Thing was, the group was the gay-straight alliance, or something like that, and the mock wedding was the highlight of their "Gay Wedding Day" event. When she talked me into being in it, (even though I'd only dated women - ever!) I had no idea how HUGE it would be. The wedding was actually held in a church near the campus and performed by a lady minister. My groom was a guy who was a member of the gay-straight alliance. She had us both wear navy blue suits (since we both had them and it was cheaper than tuxes), with very starched (how I wear them) white shirts, and navy blue bow ties (with a little bit of a print, the tie-it-yourself kind, of course!), and of course matching white rose and baby's breath boutonnierres. I was nervous as hell, naturally, and she got me to the church about an hour before the wedding and stashed me in a sitting room till it was time for the wedding to begin. They finally came and got me, then brought my groom out and had him put his right arm through my left, made sure our bow ties and collars and suits were just right, then positioned us outside the door into the main church. When they opened the doors into the main church, there's the minister waiting for us down at the end of the aisle and the place was PACKED. Probably a couple hundred people. Next thing I know the organist was blaring out The Wedding March and there I am walking very slowly down the aisle with my groom on my arm, both of us all buttoned-up and formal in our suits and stiff white collars and bow ties and being wed in front of a church-full of people. It couldn't have been more real. As soon as The Wedding March started playing and we started walking down the aisle, feeling my groom's arm in mine, it may as well have been for real. I remember thinking, "This is my wedding and I'm being wed to my groom!" As far as I was concerned, I was really being wed. On top of that, my sister knows this friend of mine, so naturally she found out about the wedding, and naturally she told my mother, who said, "I have GOT to see this!" So among those in attendance as I was being wed to my groom was my mother, sister, and a couple of aunts and cousins, and a neighbor. Everyone got all dressed up for the occasion, and the way my mother was you'd have thought it was a real wedding. There was all the "Dearly beloved" stuff and our "I do's" and joining hands and reciting our wedding vows and the rings and "With this ring, I thee wed." Finally, the minister pronounced us "wed as groom to groom" and "You may now kiss your groom." So my first kiss with a guy was at the end of my wedding kissing my groom! Heck of a way to come out.
  • Convert?
  • I don't think that i can really DO anything to support it, but I don't mind it. Who cares? Love is love no matter the gender. I could care less cuz most gay couples that get married stay married longer than straight couples anyway. I think it's great!
  • Write your politicians. Support the Human Rights Campaign ( Show your support by voting out those who oppose us and voting in those who do. And just be there and be a supportive friend!
  • Just treat everyone with respect no matter who they are. It works out pretty good for me that way.
  • I believe there are a variety of organizations for the purpose of showing support for people of these orientations; for example, Gay-Straight Alliance, PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), etc. I dont know if these specifically advertise their support of gay marriage, but rather just support others in general. Check your local area, Im sure there are lots of available clubs or organizations which you could join.

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