• Well see that depends. I don't see changing your attitude anything more than changing your attitude. You don't have to give yourself a TOTAL overhall. Just stop thinking so negatively about things- you'll notice a slow transformation in the positive direction.
  • i gotta be me.
  • I've tried the other way and only got what I deserved , so staying true to my personality is the only way of staying true to myself + 5
  • No, not change. Perhaps try to improve certain aspects of it. I do try to control my temper, language, be less impatient according to certain situations, for example. I don't think the essence of who I truly am suffers for it.
  • In the immortal words of Popeye: I am what I am and that's all that I am. I'm not changing for anyone.
  • Probably not. heheh
  • I have tried to adjust my personality in the past and all it has given me is heartache so I am going to stay true to myself and let it all hang out! I have to be free and me!
  • I could certainly change some aspects of my personality and still remain true to myself. I sometimes check with family/friends and ask if anything I do bugs them...I tend to keep feeding people or trying to well beyond what is I say "let me know when I really start annoying you" ..I don't mind modifying some outward behavior..sometimes I get so enthused about something that I might get carried away and expect others to get carried away as well. I would not be able to change the core of who I am, though. I could not become a pessimist, for example. I often refer to my son (who is 41) as "my kid". My mom told me that sounded ridiculous to her..I checked with my son and he said "I am your kid!" So he was/is cool with that. But if he said it bothered him, I would stop it!
  • If you are a complete ***hole and people hate you, if you are belligerent or dishonest or selfish or arrogant and everyone can see right through you, and you don't care? Then sure, stay true to yourself. But I am all for making the best of myself and none of those qualities are those I would want to aspire to and embrace as 'true to myself'. I think we all should examine ourselves, take off the blinders and look into a mirror that reflects what others may see in us and what goes even deeper than that. Those other people could be right about things. Yes, they could be asking too much of us and they could be the wrong types of people doing the judging. So, Yes, I'm ready do make necessary changes to become the better person my close friends see I could be. But I'm not ready to change those things that are good and decent inside me.
  • I think that while I am constantly trying to improve myself...I don't change for anyone. I find that although it is more difficult to make friends (because I HATE small-talk and I consist of sustance while many do not)I rather surround myself with people who are true to themselves....otherwise how can you be true to to other people if you can't even be true to yourself??
  • I barely compromise..'change' to suit others? Never.
  • I can change my attitudes and probably need to change some of them. If anything in my attitude is not positive, it will interfere with my relationships. I can change my behaviors if they are offensive or not condusive to good relationships - but only after I change my attitudes. If I do that, I really don't need to change who I am - my personality - and should not. That would not be honest and honesty is essential to good relationships. Good question.
  • i was told by my boss to say good morning every morning to a person i work with and i told my boss i cant do it - i cant stand this person - i know what kind of an evil person she is and what she has done and i refuse to be nice to her - i will be cordial but i wont be her friend
  • I wouldn't change my personality just so I could fit in but sometimes my personality will change if I realize I was wrong. Hopefully when I'm in a group people will allow others to be human and allow for a couple of mistakes.
  • I will stay true to myself!

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