• All 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico have allowed right turns on red since January 1, 1980, unless a sign otherwise prohibits this., However, It is Illegal in New York City.
  • It is in Washington State. "Free Right on Red" is what we refer to it as. Now a LEFT turn on red... those stupid bastards who do that... *grrrrrrrr* You'll get killed one day or kill someone else doing that stupid sh*t... *steam* Okay, done now! :P
  • I think so. In California we make right turns on red lights as long as there is no sign posted which prohibits doing so. I do it all the time! :)
  • Oklahoma State Law You can go right on red if its clear. You can also go left on red in Tulsa when it's clear but only downtown on one way streets.
  • Yes in AZ as long as there as you've come to a complete stop prior, there is no oncoming traffic and no sign that specifically says no turn on red.
  • I'm not sure about every state but in the 5 boros of New York City it is NOT legal to make a right turn on red unless there is a sign saying, "right turn on red allowed". Otherwise you can not turn on red.
  • not in new york!
  • Don't do that anywhere in Europe unless there is a filter arrow.
  • 42 USC Sec. 6322 (c) ("Each proposed State energy conservation plan to be eligible for Federal assistance under this part shall include: . . . (5) a traffic law or regulation which, to the maximum extent practicable consistent with safety, permits the operator of a motor vehicle to turn such vehicle right at a red stop light after stopping, and to turn such vehicle left from a one-way street onto a one-way street at a red light after stopping." Which translated into English means that the federal government mandates that yes, you can.
  • Definitely true in CA. My 2nd time there (I'm a Euro) and whilst driving in the right lane at an intersection I was getting an indecent gesture from the guy behind because I didn't know about the "turn right on red" rule.

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