• There are a lot of factors that can contribute to evil. Some predominant ones are social aspects, like there upbringing and childhood. Also genetics have been said to play a part as well. I am sure it is very hard to pinpoint what made someone evil.
  • How does a person become so kind as say, King Arthur? Each of us have virtues and flaws inherited from our parents. Each of us have good and bad experiences. If one is brought up badly then they tend to become even worse. If one is brought up righteously then one tends to become even kinder. Get the right/wrong combination and you end up with something off the scale. Chaos theory I suppose, something seemingly insignificant at the time triggers an outburst of kindness/evil.
  • Possession?
  • As Auntie Em said, some people are born without empathy. I saw a TV show about sociopathic children. One was a little girl who was playing in a park. She saw another little girl playing with some toys, and wanted to play with them too. She grabbed at the toy, but the girl would not let go. So the first girl calmly stood up, walked over to an area with small brick border around a bed of plants, picked up a brick, went back to the other girl, clobbered her with the brick, and took the doll. That was when the person with the camera stopped shooting of course, but later there was an interview with the girl who did it- in her mind she did nothing wrong, and had no idea what the fuss was about.
  • they was born that way, out of sin see you have to parents doing wrong things in life ,drugs,lies,stealing,and they make a baby its not going to be a angle its of evil its called the devil they made the devil and no matter how cute it is, its still the devil
  • He wasn't evil. He was f*ckin mental.
  • Being born nuts and having some kind of bullying or abuse to put frosting on the cake.
  • By living in this world and seeing how wars start from greed. He couldn't handle it like most people do since he was said to be mentally ill.

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