• Basically, when Martha publicly opened her company, "Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia," then she became a billionaire overnight. However, Martha's trails to financial success did NOT happen overnight--only with hardwork, perseverance, and creativity, was Martha able to make it to her current status as a billionaire: Here's a mini-outline (keep in mind she was also a caterer and before that a stockbroker before she wrote "Entertaining": I. Martha Stewart published a book n the early 80's called "Entertaining." II. Martha Stewart, in 1987, signs a lucrative licensing agreement with Kmart--selling her products (e.g., kitchen towels, bed linens), etc. III. Eventually, she would start her own show on a local PBS-affiliate station, I believe, in Connecticut and later on, in 1990, or 1991 she created her own show, "Martha Stewart Living" based upon her widely circulated and popular how-to magazine based on the same name, "Matha Stewart Living." IV. "Martha Stewart Living" goes on to win several awards as does her magazine. V. Martha Stewart has a new show called "Martha," which is aired on Dicovery's TLC and also on CBS--present-day. VI. . Martha has her own version called, "Martha Stewart: The Apprentice." (the show has been over for several months now) Eventually, once Martha publicly-opened her company at the NYSE, Martha Stewart LIving Omnimedia made Martha a billionaire. Incidentally, don't think that fame and fortune came easy for Martha. While extremely intelligent, hard-working and well-educated (she graduated from an Ivy league university, Barnard College, which is affiliated with Columbia University in NYC) she has paid her dues, in terms, of hardwork. She didn't become a billionaire until she was in her 40's or 50's and she's now in her 60's. You can visit her official website at the following url: I hope this helps to answer your question!
  • A long life of hard work persistence determination she was very inspirational!

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