• I found that i couldn't actually treat the split itself but if you have them cut and then use an intensive conditioning treatment maybe twice a week they don't seem to come back :) Worked for me anyway :)
  • There are products that can temporarily bind split ends, however, the best way to treat split ends is to cut them off.
  • Easiest is to cut them off, but there are certain kinds of shampoos that have special nutrients that can join split ends.
  • To stop split ends do the following: Stop using Too much styling products stop using too much heat with tools like the blow-dryer; straightener or curlers stop using hair products that have too much chemicals in them like dyes; perms and relaxers if you must use them you would want to limit their use to twice a month good way to get rid of them is to cut them as they develop, get a trim every 6 weeks to get rid of the split ends. To stop split ends don’t over wash your hair Do not wear tight hair styles which will pull and tug at the hair and will cause split ends The best way to prevent split ends in the first place is to use a product called Mira hair oil it is a deep conditioning treatment for all kinds of hair, it will fix split ends, stop bleached, damaged, and frizzy hair it also acts as a moisturizer which will prevent your hair from getting dry and causing split ends This is their site

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