• Yes... in highschool my junior year a kid in my history class would always poke fun at our teacher because he was this big chubby bald guy that was going through a divorce and he would flirt with all the girls in the class... Well the kid kept making fun of him that one day my teacher got so mad that he knocked everything off of his desk... he walked over to the kid, told him to get out of his seat... and then he picked up the desk and threw it to the front of the classroom damaging the chalk board... He just walked out and was gone for a couple of weeks... they let him come back and the student was in trouble too... I don't know what he got though...
  • Yeah, with me when i was a nipper. Cant remember what I did. Probably smoking dope in school or something stupid like that. We had this one teacher who was just..nuts you know? I mean like, if you spoke in class he's have these pieces of chalk to fling at you from accross the room, and if you werent quick enough, you got smacked in the head! People would have to duck to miss the chalk. Anywaym one day i think i was smoking marijuana at lunch or whatever and he caught me whilst I was pretty high. I answered him back a bit too rudely and he flipped at me, at which point I threw a chair at the bastard and went home. I was never a good boy at school.
  • Oh, yeah, we did. And we made it happen. We had a new substatute when I was in eigth grade. He was the nephew of the kindergarden teacher and thought he was all that and a bag of chips. Our main goal became seeing how ryled we could get him. We had him so tick off he told the one boy to kiss his ass. Chad told him to bare it. Guy stood up and started taking down his suspenders like he was really going to do it. Then he sat down and said we weren't worth it. Soon as the bell rang we were all outside the office telling the principle our new sub just tried to moon us and cussed us out. He was gone by lunch. It was his first day on the job at the first school to hire him.
  • Had a teacher in both 5th and 6 th grade, great teacher but some of the kids would be so bad and rude in class he'd lose it in class. He'd grab a yardstick and smash it down on the desk shattering it right in front of them, face bright red as I've ever seen possible. He would almost steam right in front of us. But then in about 15 minutes after the event, he'd be all calm. It's too bad, because he really was an exceptional teacher.
  • I had a teacher throw erasers at a kid in 5th grade.
  • In 7th grade, a new teacher came my school, a 24 y.o. woman fresh out of school, first job. She was talking one day about things she did in college. I feigned surprise (bad actor) and said, "You mean that you went to college?" She cried. We laughed.
  • There was an old teacher who couldnt control the class and the kids shouted "Ritzen" at her every time she went into a room, and banged the tune "We will rock you" on the tables, and threw things etc. She slapped a girl across the face and was told to shut up and f-off, then she just lost it one day and upturned a table full of paper and the things in the drawers spilled everywhere and stormed out the room. She was sacked by christmas
  • Yes. My English teacher in College got really angry once because most of the class was going to Fail.
  • Yes, several times in 2nd grade. When my Dad found out she was going to be my teacher, he gave me full warning what she was like, she was also his teacher. She had a terrible temper. She would literally jerk kids around, yell, throw them over the desk to spank. (that one was done to me too.)
  • yes, my middle school teacher went crazy on me. I guess im not a good girl after all.
  • Not me, but a buddy had a lay teacher in Catholic High School take a kid by the back of the neck and shove his head so hard into the wall that it left a depression. He wasn't really hurt, and for the rest of HS they'd always ask him to put his head into the depression when a teacher wasn't in the classroom.
  • Yep. It was my 6th grade teacher. If someone was to get out of line, he stalked up to his podium and gave us a lecture for about an hour.
  • Yes. I was in band one afternoon and my director got so mad that he through his baton at one of the flute players.
  • Yes. I'd popped a plastic bag and the teacher freaked out like I had tried to kill somebody. I'll never forget.. her name was Mrs. Brown, she was my second grade reading teacher. She grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me until I couldn't stand up by myself. She sent me back to my desk and I fell just before I got there... the room had gone black, and the boy sitting next to me had to help me get into my chair.
  • Yes.I was the teacher.Bad day for me...
  • Yes, she threw a stool at me, but it didn't hit me... I didn't know what was going on cuz I was zoned in w/my art project and someone in my area was talking a lot and she thought it was me... Then she kicked me outside for the rest of the period in the winter in my cheerleading uniform!!!! I was freezing. She didn't let me come in until I talked to the tree, literally! Needless, to say she was an art teacher.
  • Yeah when I was in the fifth grade I would constantly see how far I could bend my pencil without it breaking. They kept breaking and disrupting the class though. Finally, the teacher came over again and actually slapped me in the face.
  • Yes, in high school,my freshmen,a math sub ,this guy was in his early 60's,swinging a year stick hitting stuff, shaking,yelling,spit flying everywhere at the time it was the greatest thing i'd ever seen in my life,now I kind of feel bad for the guy. I also seen a 5th grade teacher pen a 5th grader to the wall and told him if he ever did what ever he did again.He'd kick his ass.
  • 8th grade Math, Mr. Cloud. Chucked his 711 big gulp cup full of green tea at the wall. The only time ive ever gotten a green tea shower. Good times.
  • Yea, I heard from the OTHER room the teacher took an empty desk and smashed it into a wall in high school. BREATHE PEOPLE! Teaching is a stressful job, you have to expect that from kids. Most of them anyway.
  • Our form teacher Mr Radcliff asked us all to promise to be quiet while he nipped out to do something for a few minutes. We promised. But as soon as we felt it was clear, the whole class sounded like a cattle market. He burst back into the class screamed at us and kicked the class room door shut so hard, it smashed the window.
  • Yes. One day the teacher got angry at a kid and went out the door and slammed it and the clock fell off the wall and smashed. He then came back after 5 minutes sweating like anything and told us "just read in silence" and didn't say anything the rest of the class.
  • Way back in elementary school, a bunch of kids were being loud and obnoxious. At one point I said the word "hormone" to a classmate; the teacher pointed her finger in my face and asked, "WHAT did you say??" She I guess thought I said "homo" or something.
  • Our Head of Year went bonkers at me cuz i took mii tie off! he screamed his head off && the vein on his forehead popped out which ((upon hearing of the incident)) was nicknamed Vince the Vein by everyone in the school... ever since he couldn't shout at someone without them laughing!
  • Yeah! my form tutor went mad and smashed the overhead projecter and the glass went into my face - i didnt sue!
  • Yes i have. It was my math teacher. This one student didn't try the homework man. It was like someone let the hole entire zoo out of there cages.
  • I had one female teacher break down and cry because she didn't speak english very well and everyone pretended that they couldn't understand her. One by one students got up and left the classroom - ditched the rest of class to go hang out. I stayed behind and when it was just the teacher and me, i turned into her 'counselor'. She kept asking me what she did wrong, etc. She said she hated them all and blah blah blah. It was funny. But i did feel bad for her.

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