• Life is the picture we paint for ourselves....
  • Life Life is an ominous void to be filled with laughter and joy, or the cry of the lonely, or calm, as the sheep, or even the pitter-patter of a little ones' feet. Life is a wholesome remembrance of others woefully dead and of all those times you could have laughed but, were angered instead. Life is long and drawn, until it almost gone. Then you long for the day that you could play and leave your troubles at home. You can feel then; death's fingers and hear him say- go home Life comes to those bleak curtains, the darkness follows then. You can feel life fleeting, and wonder where its been. Copyright ©2007 Beverly Sherlin
  • An opportunity to be saved through Christ.
  • a massive rollercoaster with ups and downs all the way. can be good and can be a nightmare.

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