• It can be either. While I was learning it was a hobby. As I got better and started to occasionally compete, I began to consider it a sport.
  • It can be both like car racing or running can be a sport and be someone's hobby, too. But the act of horseback riding is a sport that one can make their hobby. When you breed or work with horses as a business there is a fine line between what is business and what is hobby. The government makes it very clear that your expenses are NOT deductible if it is your hobby and they make almost any level as hobby if they can show you enjoy your work. Just because you run it like a business and have all your business accounts, if you like it, they think its a hobby. If it's how you make your living and you have a good time, they want to say you are doing it as a hobby.
  • All sports, both participation and spectator, are hobbies.
  • it's both!!!
  • Anyone who has ever ridden a horse without being at a walk in a western saddle knows that riding a horse is difficult and dangerous. Add to that the factor of the knowledge and skill involved in training the animal to the skill and level you want, which can be very detailed and complicated, and I think you have a high degree of not only sport, but art.
  • It's a form of transportation.
  • It can be a sport, a hobby, or a job. I've done it as all. Sport- rode bareback horses in rodeo. Hobby- rode horses for fun. Job- rode horses while working cattle.

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