• the answer was in your question dont hurt either
  • If you think you're in love with both, then you're in love with neither. If you are truly in love with someone, you will know and you will never question it. You will also never feel the same way about someone else. If you do, then you don't belong together.
  • i've been in that situation, and what i can say is that you are not in love with 2 girls. trust me it isn't love. my advice: either pick one or don't take it any further with either and waitfor your feelings to die down.
  • hey. If thats how your starting to feel.. dont feel bad cuz i'm sure it wasn't intentional for that 2 happen(what i mean is how could you have known that would happen.) I don't necessarily think its possible to feel equally as strong about them is understandable though for you to be temporarily confused. Think about who you feel stronger about, and which one you can see yourself with down the line, and the one that makes your heart realy feel like its flying corny as that may sound lol. and figure that out reasonably quick..cuz waiting too long would be hurtful for them yea know.. and unfair. So think it through and just let your heart guide you to know which one you should be with. As for the one that you'll be then letting go, I know its easy to think to yourself you'll be hurting her, and she will feel upset which is normal.. -think about this though .. you would truly be hurting her by staying with her when you didn't fully feel in love with her ya your actually helping her in the present moment and in the long run by doing what you feel. Its the truth. So go for it and hang in there.
  • You are either in love with one or none. It is impossible to really be in love with two women at the same time. I know, I was in love with a man recently, and no other guy mattered to me as much as he did. Sure, I liked the other guys I have known, but I really loved this one. Don't hurt either one of them. It does not sound like you are in love with both of them. The other ones that answered here are right.
  • Love is a word that is strategically placed in the dictionary between "like" and "lust". I believe it entirely possible that what you are feeling for the two young women in question is one or the other of these words, but not love. You may find it helpful to be honest, above all, with the two young ladies as to the fact that you are not 'exclusive' with either of them and therefore, free to date other people. But remember that they are, too. In the words of an old Lovin' Spoonful song: you know you better make up your mind - pick up on one and leave the other one behind!!
  • define -'in love' - then go from there
  • You're not in love with one or either them... this is called using! It might not have been intentional, but hey, it happens! Think on this: If you really cared about these girls as much as you say, then you would have known what to do without posting this question AND without hurting either one...
  • Be nice, kind, and honest with each of them. Work as hard as you wish to make them your friends, and always treat them like ladies. Imagine that when you are with them, your parents are watching and you don't want to embarrass them with ungentlemanly behavior. Never promise anything you can't deliver, especially to love them forever, if at all. Be sensitive to their needs and feelings, and put them above your own - always. Never be deceitful about your intentions, and don't your enthusiasm take control of your senses. None of this is really all that difficult once you make up your mind to behave yourself properly.
  • Date them both and take them to swingers clubs & parties hopefully you end up having a threesome open relationship.

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