• i think it sucks at the time, but if you really think about it.. its true....
  • I think it's just padding, real problems need to be worked through until closure is acheived, sitting trying to persuade yourself that you are happy reminiscing over something can only be unhealthy.
  • helpful. remember happiness is a river that flows both ways.
  • I enjoy the anticipation of things, and sometimes do feel sad when it's over, however, most of the times the things I have anticipated are things that have made me a better person.
  • Sometimes you just can't escape some sadness before you are glad it happened.
  • I think mine is better! I'm glad it's over and I'm sad it ever happened.
  • I think it's a wonderful reminder of the fact that our outlook on life is our decision. Yes, sometimes it is necessary to grieve, but to let sadness consume our life is a mistake. Every blessing in life should be enjoyed, and should leave good memories as well. I think of when a child doesn't want to leave somewhere fun, like Chuck E Cheese. You've taken the child there, had a wonderful time, and then when it's time to go, the child throws a fit. What is your inclination? If you're like most people, you say something like, "If it's going to make you this sad to leave, we just won't come anymore." I think it's the same thing -- we should enjoy a good experience while we have it, and accept when it is gone. The absence of someone or something shouldn't take away the joy we had. Gee, that was verbose.
  • I agree. Learning from you experence and KNOWING you will learn from it can help put the experience into perspective.
  • I think it's something people ought to remember. it's hard to live by, but ultimately better if you can do it.
  • It may sound good but is hardly going to send your mood from really depressed to full of the joys of spring is it? All it will do is add a touch of guilt into the mix so that you do not mention it to anyone again. You will be glad it happened after a while, (in which case it becomes irrelevant) but not straight away. Totally unhelpful if you ask me - what you need is to have your mind distracted from whatever it was and your time occupied - you also need to talk about it (if you are a girl). What you don't need is somebody spouting from their morally superior position when, if they did not want to listen to your woes, they could have just said 'shut-up about it now'. It is the kind of thing the Miss World winner would say directly after announcing she wants to work with orphans and feed the worlds children.
  • It's a great way to look at things. It's what this song is all about.
  • I love this quote, heres another version "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend"

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