• Great! the clubs are open 'til 11 each saturday night!
  • It's not too fascinating, but people improvise.
  • Not too good unless you are still a Student, but we are not far from London.
  • It is great,clubs open until 2 in the morning.
  • Extremely quiet in a village of 1000 people and no pub!!
  • in a city where no one sleeps..
  • Well I live in jersey which is 15 minutes away from nyc...which is the city that never clubs that open 8pm and closes 6pm the next day!!!...but new jersey the nightlife is ok except everything close at 3..and then we go to nyc...but jersey girls know how to party!
  • What night life? Even the cops go home at 9pm!
  • Wilmington, NC has a very very very slow nightlife. There are no after hours clubs, and everything (and I mean everything!) shuts down at 2. Don't try to find something besides bowling on a weeknight - that ain't happening.
  • Well lets just say theres three main hangout "bars" and so some weekends its fun and others its dead and the same "Island" fold are there all the time! Could cross the ferry I suppose for better night life now that would be good times lots to do in Seattle for clubbing!
  • Presently, I live on a dead-end dirt road on the fringe of a small town. If you like crickets and constellations, this is the place to be. :) I can live anywhere where there's broadband, I think. :)
  • zzzzzzzzzz
  • Tulsa Oklahoma has a lively nitelife, mostly clubs with local bands belting out some sweet blues, a lot of kid bands with that new kind of rock that I hate so much and they love so much, you know, bar chords and growly male vocals. One great local here who is totally underated is the Wanda Watson Band. One bad ass group. Google them for a real treat. Check out her song called "standin on shaky ground"... it's pure lovin.
  • Great, if you like bears, owls, and coyotes. Not so fun if you don't like being accosted by wild animals.
  • Virtually non-existant here, which is unfortunate as I'm a habitual night-owl.
  • What's that old saying, they roll up the streets after dark. You have to travel to cities like New Haven (15 miles from where I live) or Hartford (35 miles away) to enjoy any real nightlife in this state.
  • terrible there was about 10 people in my local .but sundays are very busy ?strange eh
  • ...nocturnal....
  • Except for the two week period of the village fiesta in June it's non-existent except for when we have a party. You would have to travel about 20 miles for clubs.
  • When I'm in Texas, the local boys used to be busy having a go at Jimbo's wife until she got fed up and told him that he could have the kids (whoever was their father) and left for the last time in their Mustang. Now, they have to make do with high school girls, which is sad for guys in their 50s. Jimbo took the kids and moved back in with his mother, just up the road. Across the road, Wayne drank his liver out of existence and Jimmy Don won't come around anymore to visit him, so things are quiet on that front. That pretty much covers the front of the house, and the rear, as well. Chris is quiet on one side, and Tracey's ex-husband comes to her house next door on the other side, usually after a bit to drink, and yells at their son a lot. He also teaches their daughter some things on the guitar that I gave her. So, between screaming and twanging, it all balances out to a mild roar. We do know how to have a good time, so sometimes I run into some of them at the new Sonic.
  • Rubbish. I usually get the train to the city where there is alot more going on. It's only about 25 mins away which isn't too bad, but it can be a bit of a nightmare trying to get a taxi home.
  • It is great, you can do karoake at several bars all within a block of each other. If you like to eat, you can eat yourself around the world in just one block. Like movies 2 16 screen theater with 5 blocks of each other.
  • What night life? Everything closes at 9 pm.
  • Great, there is a huge pub right opposite my house!
  • Non-existent, since most places close by 9 pm. And the only parties people have are Christian Christmas parties, summer cookouts, and childrens' parties. And there are always heaps of children. This is a child-centric area (moreso than nationwide). Nothing great, here.
  • I don't know, I'm usually asleep!

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