• Well a lot of houses are up for sale, and have been for a long while. New construction is slowing down - a lot (Thank God) and according to the newspaper ad the new construction that stands mostly empty is throwing in a lot of "free" stuff add ons and what not to sell those houses. I would infer that the market has stalled and further I would infer by the number of for sale signs that there are a lot of people who are unable to meet the mortgage on the houses they have. Definitely a downturn in the market around here.
  • gee! houses around here are soring though the roof!!!!
  • Suprisingly, prices are still going up! Construction is out of control! Make it stop! My taxes keep going up.
  • They are sky rocketing! They put the house on the market for one value and then you can add about 20% to that value for the value it will sell for, people bid for the house and it goes to the highest bidder!
  • i have no clue, i just moved here 3 weeks ago, but in norway generaly speaking yes they are going up and up and up.
  • It's hard to say in the area I know live in. House prices are relatively expensive here anyway, but because it is a small village, there isn't a lot of houses on the market. Plus, when we bought this house, it had been on the market for about a year, without changing price, and we then managed to put in a substantially lower bid bceuase they needed to move quickly duye to other commitments, so the actual price of our house is likely to be much higher than what we paid. However, in nearby towns (including the one I used to live in), house prices continue to rise dramatically, so it looks like we're going to do well with this one financially, when/if it comes to selling in the distant future.

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