• Splotchy dark blue, with grey clouds and tiny specks of light. Maybe some grass blades sticking up from near the bottom. To me, the sky is it's most beautiful at night while laying in the grass.
  • Purple and red blending together. Like a sunset.
  • As a matter of fact i have painted the sky few weeks back and that picture is hanging on my wall now. It is various shades of turquoise colour backround, with metallick splashes, and bright red stripes across it. My kind of sky ;o)
  • It's sky blue with mild overcast and 40% chance of showers as the afternoon progresses. It gradually gets darker where only the celestial objects twinkle in the firmament finally to succumb to the rigors of dawn, reemerging from darkness, assuming the luminescence of daytime yet again. The incessant twittering of the blue bird of happiness and the random prattle of neighbors fill the atmosphere. The harmonious rhythm uninterruptedly pulsates without ceasing.
  • if your good a sky if u are terrible a blob of paint
  • I have a purple sky with blobs of orange rain. The sun would stil be a striking yellow

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