• Personally you can. Just stay away from inflammatory issues and users you know who like to argue. Ignore trolls and don't take negative ratings personally. Pick and choose what you find enjoyable. Peace on the bag as a whole community will never happen. It's like any other community, work place, school, etc. We don't all get along. And there will never be a time when we do.
  • are you talking to me?
  • Of course not to many different kinds of people , with a lot of different ideas , and trolls can get in any where and on any site , sadly Hello Fun + 5
  • probably not. I would like it.
  • Yes I do, If people are nasty I say my piece and then ignore them. I have had trouble that hurt me in the past when i was in a very weak emotional state , a fact that was taken advantage of . It kept me off AB for 5 weeks. In the end I decided I would sail calmly alone stating my case being friendly with those willing to accept friendship and ignoring those that were just out to patronize and try to dominate . I get along fine. I admit that my time zone misses most of the drama.I like most people but cannot get into a lather about those that do not like me.It really is not that important and neither are they.
  • welcome back fun, we missed you
  • Doubtful. Welcome back, Fun.
  • If under maintenance !!
  • Yep, lets make it happen.
  • Yes we do. This condition lasts for about 20 minutes each day.
  • Not unless something drastic happens. In an ideal world, sure. But there are SO many people, so many egos, so many opinions- there's bound to be some clashing. But right now, we're spiraling into madness! Everyone is at each other's throats and is ready to be pissy about everything! Maybe AB should have a mandatory 4 days downtime for uprgades or something, and everyone can get their bearings, and come back refreshed! HAHAHAH Like THAT'LL ever happen!!! It's a good thought though!
  • Doesn't look like it. But welcome back!
  • I'm optimistic that people can get along.:) I did want to say hello to Fun though because I see you're from NY/NJ. I grew up in New York State and went to NYC quite a bit when I was younger. My last trip there was last weekend when it was really HOT even in the subway. Also, my grandfather used to live in NJ. Anyway, I just thought I would introduce myself and say hello.
  • We can for a while, but then we get trolls and whatnot.

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