• I would suggest feeding the runt and putting her back with the rest of the pups. It will be necessary to keep a watchful eye, however, as it is the natural order of things for the weakest to be singled out for neglect or death. If the runt gains some weight and gains her strength, the other pups and mom will likely accept her back into the pack.
  • I bought a runt from a breeder once, and she had all inds of problems, manje, got sick all he time, and she is as skinny asa twig, but if you just feed her regualry, like 3 times a day, and just maybe push her into the litter, to get milk, maybe she'll be ok, its not good to feed it regular milk, because its uhealthy she has to drink her mom's milk. Keep an eye on her, and don't let her get seperated. Theres a Picture of My Dog: :)
  • I personally would keep the pup away from the litter if it keeps getting pushed out because if it cant stay close to the litter it may (will) become chilled and then it will die. Every couple of hours I would take the rest of the litter out of the box and allow the pup to nurse from its mother, if you can leave a few pups from the litter in while the runt nurses and not have them pushing the runt off then I would leave a few of them but take most of them out. If you don't want to take the pup away make sure you heat the entire box so that when the runt gets pushed out it wont get chilled. If the pup seems too weak to nurse from mom (or the bottle if needed) then try a sugar water or pedialyte or Karo syrup.. a few drops on its tounge 5 min. before feeding will give it the energy needed to eat. Good luck with this baby and I hope you were already planning on keeping a pup because after all your about to go through if this baby survives you will be attached.
  • I remove the runt and it's seems to be doing well with the puppies milk I bought in Walmart try that but keep the pup away from the others. Good luck

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