• Swing dance... I have seen many try and fail. Also Tap and Point are hard.
  • Ballet or one of the Chinese cultural dances.
  • Probably the flamenco. It takes a lot of skill. I certainly would not even attempt it...
  • Ballet. it's the foundation of pretty much all dance forms and it's difficult because it requires discipline and hours of practising and lessons I should know i did it for about 7 years!
  • Ballet is very difficult and takes an enormous amount of strength and discipline. So as a classical form of dance I would say ballet. As a modern, social style of dance I would say the hip roll is extremely difficult to do, I have tried and can not seem to master it.
  • Classical Ballet with Modern Ballet coming in second IMO.
  • That is hard to say when I primarily danced ballet. I have tried other forms of dance and they have all seemed easier to catch on to than ballet. You see, Classical Ballet takes a lot of strength and agility and yet it is supposed to look simple. The best dancers in the world are the ones who make it look like walking. I believe Ballet is the hardest, but I know no dance is easy!
  • Peruvian marinera or Indian Bharatnatyam, definitely!
  • Ballet en pointe, synchronized swimming, Capoeira, aerial dance, can-can, Sayaw sa Bangko.

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