• Do you have a craft? If you're good at making things, you could make her something! Thanks for sharing a really nice story. It's good to know that things aren't all rubbish! Also! Maybe you could invite her and her family over for dinner one night! :) Get to know everyone. That's a nice gift!
  • A scented candle?
  • i agree inviting her family over to dinner is a great idea! and maybe buying her some chocolates everyone likez chocolates dont they?
  • 14 what a special age, I bet she needs things for school, how about a gift card to wal-mart, and be sure and tell her parents why your doing this just so nobody gets funny ideas, be sure and tell them how great of child they have, its rare in todays world to see kids still just being kids. They must be very special parents.
  • With the way of the world today.....check first to see if it's ok with the parents. I think a necklace would be appropriate with something about friendship on it.
  • Check with her parents first... ask them for suggestions if you'd like. Then get her some flowers (not roses, but there are plenty of nice seasonal flowers at the moment) and a cute but simple necklace from WalMart or Claires (at your local mall) where you can find lovely inexpensive things which will make her feel like a princess.
  • What was the alternative of a friendship bracelet when you were about her age? If you could find one or make one, and explain to her what it is, that will be something she can treasure. Inviting her family around for a meal is a really nice gesture, and can bring your neighborhood together. Brilliant question/story, nice things happen every day, we just need to be told about them!
  • After talking with her parents first, you might try a puppy (stuffed, of course)
  • well are you a man or a woman? because that can kind of be somewhat significant <.<

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