• Fly swatter. Cheap and effective -- and oddly gratifying.
  • i don't think they like lemon
  • post small signs that "All flies will be subject to arrest and detainment at Gitmo" and they will leave you alone. (Answer changed to reflect question change)
  • If this is a sincere question, I can help. My uncle owns a delli and does this: 1.Get a zip lock bag 2.put a penny in it and then fill a little over half fullwith water. 3.Zip it up and put hang it in front of the doorway. TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW IF IT WORKS FOR YOU.
  • I would make sure that screens are mended and firmly positioned during warm weather. I would also clean up food and drink spillages immediately and not leave empty cups or glasses laying about.
  • Put up a mosqito net first,than hang long ducktapes around the room to catch any unwanted intruders and most importantly don't live doors and windows open untill you have the net and screen door.And food out.:-)
  • Use fly paper.
  • That's what I thaught, but it really does work. I didn't really specify, but the bag needs to be hung on the outside of the door. Give it about 1 week and then let me know if it works for you. Thanks
  • I read that factory farmers buy something called Dirt Daubers, sometimes known as Mud Daubers from horticultural/biological supply companies to control flies. They lay their eggs in the flies or the maggots to kill them off. They are supposed to be really cheap, they are self reproducing and somehow don't leave any residue after the kill. They can also drive away wasps. They sort of look like wasps but they don't bite or sting and are kind of more lanky. But they build some pretty cool nests. Probably not the easiest meathod, but possibly the coolest. =P

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