• i joined this site just to confirm that answer 4 was the correct one. that is the only free reliable way to convert MOD's to mpeg/quicktime movies etc. it's a great program and it is free. thank you BobbyB!!
  • Are you people all retarded? the man asked for a FREE converter - and no, answer 4 is not the best one, it too only offers a trial version. You people need to learn the difference between software, shareware, freeware and open source - it's really not complicated. Then again I'm willing to bet that you're all the developers of the shareware you recommended, and therefore know the difference but feel like corrupting an online community anyway.
  • Forgot to say, the program I shared above is not free. However, as we know, some freewares have the limitation of functions or poor quality. So, I think in order to get good quality and good service, sometimes we have to pay and I believe it's worth the money.

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