• I don't think we would know it. There absence would be recognized (in my point of view) as if they just abandoned the site.
  • No I don't think we would know it which would be sad for some of us cause our only friends are the ones we have with our fellow AB members.
  • Unless that person had friends who knew about his/her death and those friends told the AB community, I'm not sure we'd ever know. That's the kind of thing that comes down to word-of-mouth from the people who know what happened.
  • I guess most of us would worry but assume they just decided to stop coming around and didn't tell anyone about it. But if any of us were local to each other and had their #'s or what not...then we'd know the truth.
  • I told my sister when I die to come here and thank all the good folks who were so kind to me.
  • Soupy is on my Myspace, so I'm sure he would find out and tell everyone. Other than that, you would probably never know. Maybe I need to include something about you all in my will...
  • Dont think we would know, how would we find out?? Hell thats actually a horrible thought isnt it?
  • you wouldnt be able to tell whether they had died or just gone off Answerbag. People absent themselves from AB for various reasons. I could put a note on my wishes that someone just puts a quick line on AB to say that Ive died.
  • i suppose we would only know if another member knew them and told us or if someone logged on for them and told us. that's how it works in my other online community.
  • Thats quite scary really. I'd probably tell my friends/family to cme on here and notify everyone and thank them. Otherwise people would just think we got bored of it or something.
  • I think most of us would just disappear, with no way for the rest to know why. If you have an account there, Facebook would probably be an easier way to get information about a person. My friend base there is much more diverse, so chances are good that one of them would know if I was dead or alive. But here, I haven't really established any email or phone contacts where people could check up on me. Hard to say whether people would even notice the absence of some of us, though. If you're not even in the Top 1000, chances are remote. Within the Top 1000... variable. In the top 100... much more likely.
  • Perhaps the administrators here could diligently keep up with all of the obituaries and then change our avatar to a tombstone if we passed away. Whenever one of our old answers would appear on the front page, we would be marked up as a show of respect. lol
  • I would just disappear. Not only from AB but from the world as a whole...
  • you would not know it. they would just disappear.

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