• not at all.
  • It's a cute toy. There was a lot of energy put into checking it out when it was released, and it did quite well with some of the reviews. One problem I would have is that replacing the battery has to be done by the factory, and it comes back with all memory blanked. Every phone number and download, and anything else you loaded into it - all gone. Bad. That alone should keep it out of the commercial category. I will wait until, or after, iPhone II comes out with a tiny fusion reactor that lasts forever. And a 10Mpixel camera with full video and sound.
  • Crippled Bluetooth, no GPS, fragile glass display, non-removable battery, overpriced, unfeasibly expensive, poor internet performance, to mention just a few faults of the iphone. Having compared my (considerably less expensive) Nokia 5800 to my brothers iphone, I was unable to find anything the iphone did better! The iphone is a fashion accessory.

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