• That I can't draw to save my life.
  • Life's journey's. One day is so different from the next. I like to draw, paint and quilt with that in mind.
  • I don't have a theme. I take each piece of artwork from recent inspiration. I guess if I were to try and label what I'm trying to express, it would be the "here and now". I've never been able to fit it into a category. I can't even produce anything if I'm not inspired. Well...that's not true, I can force my art. But it doesn't have the impact I look for. There are times when I go two or three years without putting forth anything. But once I'm inspired, it comes quickly and I have to get it on canvas.
  • Emotion. I want to make the viewer to feel what I am feeling, or what I am wanting to feel.
  • The beauty and richness of the world. We constantly need new ways to SEE what is in front of us.

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