• Im thinking the samething, its hard
  • Newspaper boy is one that can be considered.
  • babysitting
  • Maybe baby sitting. If your friends make fun of you, show them the wads of cash you make, and they'll shut up.
  • You can mow lawns. That is a very easy thing to do. You can get $20 for one lawn.
  • I guess it depends where you live. In the city, trust me, there aren't too much lawns to mowe. You might want to try babysitting, and who cares if you're made fun of, at least you're doing an honest job earning money.
  • When it snows.......shovel some driveways......takes a little work though.
  • Baby sitting, year round yard services (mowing, raking leaves, shoveling snow), and EBAY (with your parents consent). :-)
  • Under age prostitution or porn films is about the only way Easy money does not exist in normal occupations.
  • If you are doing chores at home, your parents should be giving you an allowance. this teaches a young person the value of money and how the financial world operates. If you are doing chores, without any problems, you should be receiving an allowance. There really is no way to receive "easy money", unless you commit fraud or a criminal act.
  • hard back breaking work so you learn the value of a dollar.
  • Well don't sell drugs, deffinitely don't steal money from mommy's wallet, don't steal from the church basket when it comes to you, don't beat the shit out of pepsi machines, don't take mommy's blue pills and sell them for 10 bucks a pop (or $1 per milligram), and DEFFINITElY don't sell mommy's Coach bags on ebay... just uhh babysit, like everyone else said. ;D
  • I don't know about "easy money", but this might interest you: Do you know about the young 11 year-old millionaire from UK?? Yes; they actually showed this programme about 12 years ago. There he was, this young lad, sitting in a room as Chairman of the Board, discussing business plans with all these grown men!! Apparently, he started at 5 or 6 years old, simply breeding guinea pigs. I don't know where he went from there; but sometimes, you just gotta have it!!!
  • A little honest work never hurt! Check around the house, work at a supermarket, farm, wherever! When i was a kid i ran a lawnmower business and made a great sum of money! But really whatever floats your boat. =)
  • By delivering newspapers early mornings before school!
  • Sorry, there is no easy way to get money unless you parents give it to you. You have to work for it somehow.
  • If we knew that. Would we really be sitting on our asses messing around on the computer? Haha. I wishh I knew. If you find a way, you lemme know first. Aight?
  • you don't want to know
  • People like things washed. You can ask people or businesses you know if they need anything washed. Sucks because the easy money is always illegal.
  • I don't mean to put a damper on anything, but when I sub at would not believe the stuff kids pay each other for. Anything from doing homework, selling clothes,private photos for a cell phone, to pharn drugs, touchy-feelies to on the go sex. A 15 & 16 yearold were caught on the school bus the first day of school, and the photos went for $10.00 each, really good photos go for $50.& up. then there is always selling jewelry to a pawn shop, someone older goes with them, and they get a small fee for usint thier name.They even get fake ID's and sell plasma to the blood bank. I'm really sorry ...I hope I haven't said to much, and I hope you're not a young person asking.
  • How about picking up and recycling aluminum and plastic bottles and cans?
  • Try a job. Jobs are easy. Selling is hard.
  • Thank you for all your insults. Please do not respond again. Have a nice day. Lesson well learned.

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