• Maybe they just aren't your type of women! Personally, I'm sarcastic and most men hate it, so I feel your pain haha. I guess it's not lady-like... so maybe they think it's not gentlemen like? Who knows... just keep being sarcastic, the world needs more observant people.
    • Mircat
      When multiple people have pointed out how your sarcasm is inappropriate and unappreciated it is time to get your ego under control and stop blaming them. The world doesnt need more viciousness or rudeness. Its not being observant. That's simply an excuse to not have manners and give yourself permission to not filter your statements
    • Mircat
      Oops it posted multiples in error
    • Mircat
      Oops it posted multiples in error
  • There's times and places for it but most of the time it's not that funny it just gets annoying. Also because sometimes its hard to tell if you're saying it as a joke or not and it will come out sounding mean.
  • G'day Sosueme, Thank you for your question. Sarcasm is sometimes perceived at being directed at them rather than a situation. They may also find different things amusing than you do. You might want to see how you can change to keep your girlfriend on side. Regards
  • It's great when I'm around people who"get" my sense of humor but a real drag when they don't. I believe you are born with or without.....Withs should be with other withs and w/o should be with other w/o!!!
  • Some women like sarcasm, and are sarcastic themselves. Really, a lot of women are attracted to sarcasm, even if they say they don't like it, and are intellectually opposed to it. Of course, one reason why women and others might not like sarcasm is because sometimes it can be used and seen as a form of passive aggressive behaviour, and NO ONE likes passive aggressive, since it's crappy, and rightfully perceived as weak.
  • Sarcasm can be taken a few different ways. You need to be cautious when using it. Make sure you know that the person you are using it with has a similar sense of humour. Also, sarcasm can be used in a fun/friendly way (you idiot :)), or can be used in a mean way.
  • Speaking for general women everywhere. I am sarcastic myself and enjoy that type of banter.
  • Hate to burst your bubble, but you are not as sarcastic as you think you are. The probably with sarcasim when you are in a relationship with someone is that its hard to tell when they are being serious or joking. I found this to be a probably when I was dating my ex.
  • I guess it can be fustrating for some if they aren’t able to distinguish weither it is a joke or not.. and I guess it depends on the people your with. If the sarcasm is to constant, than it can be discombobulating for most.
  • Self guilt I bet!
  • Oh great ! Another question about sarcasm. Don't you just love it ?!
  • Its tiresome, hurtful and unfunny. On ocassion funny but consistent sarcastic remarks grow old and only make you sound vicious. The sad part is that you are aware of how many people dont like it and yet you choose to not understand thay it is you who causes the problem and it isnt acceptable. When 1 or 2 dont like something you can point your finger and blame them. Its yheir problem its not me. However, when it happens multiple times it turn that finger around because it IS you and your rudeness is a downer and it's mean.

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