• Cry a little, and be sad for a little while you have every right to be, then move on with your life.
  • I'm very sorry this has happened to you! But be thankful... Sounds like hes a real jerk and yall might not be meant for each other! Thats going to save you from a ton of bad days in the future... But eventually you do need to talk to someone... It feels really good to bash you ex! Try and take a vaca... get your mind off of the things back at home! You will survive!! :)
  • That was a very bad thing to do to you. It is a good thing you found out now what he is truly like but I know that doesn't help knowing that, only adds to the disappointment. I don't think you are only heartbroken about the breakup. I'm sure you are bleeding on the inside because of promises broken, true personalities revealed, embarrassment in front of family and friends, doubting yourself and your abilities about knowing others, insecurities of your future. It's okay to feel all those things. You have to grieve but remember to forgive yourself for feeling all these bads things and then start to think of the future instead. Focus on others, go help other people with their problems, volunteer if you can. Move that one friend to a new home or help someone else with their project. Do everything but stay in the same place you were in, mentally. We listen here at Answerbag. You can rant all you want here. We won't judge, you don't have to look us in the face in the morning. And there is always someone here at all hours, all around the planet:-)
  • Seek legal advice. You may be able to recoup some of the expenses.
  • Sleep a lot. It's helped me lots in depressing times...
  • I feel so much for you, I broke up with my fiance 3 months ago and it was and sadly is, still awful, I often wonder how to get through each day. My advice would be to talk to your doctor, mine was very good, not necessarily drugs/antidepressants but I have booked in to have some counselling sessions and in the short term some sleeping pills will help, just not a long term solution. Saw my ex again today and strong woman flew out the window and dissolved into sobbing her socks off on the living room floor, the road is a long one I think and no magic answers. However there is always hope, even when you feel so bad you want to die/kill them, lean on friends, that is what they are there for. Stay strong, you are not the only one!!!
  • Awww. Have someone you trust (best friend, Mom, sister) contact everyone and let them know about the cancellation. this way, you don't have to talk about it with anyone and/or answer any tough questions while you are going through this hard time. And DOn't be embarrassed. You did nothing wrong. It is better it happen now than are sparing yourself a lot of heartache down the road, not to mention the heartache of children that could have come along.
  • I'm sorry, that must be just awful. But I have to say; much better now than 2 kids later. It's okay hon, just say you both agreed this was for the best. And that's all you need to say.
  • Talking is going to be helpful, but you say there is no one you are willing to talk to. I would say you either find someone willing to listen or talk to us. Time will take care of the embarrassment if you let it and eventually learn to laugh. It will also take care of the heartbreak because you will find the right person and when you are both absolutely ready to marry, you will ... and your family and friends will be very happy for you as will we.
  • You mean to tell me that you have a hall paid for, catering paid for, and a deejay??? PARTY!!!!!!!! Invite all your closet friends. Do a good deed and invite homeless off the street. Heck, invite all of us here on Answer bag who broke up with someone within the last 2 weeks. We can all use a pick me upper. I understand how you feel. And it's going to be difficult and painful to deal with and move on from. Surround yourself with loved ones who where there before this woman entered your life. These are the friends you want. My only hope for you is that this woman gave you a reason. We human beings need closure like we need air.... Who to talk to? to us....
  • Sorry to hear what just happened with you. He is either a coward who just wants to run away from responsibilities or he is the biggest jerk. You have now idea how beautiful your future will be without him...there is someone somewhere who is just meant for you. from this experience just learn how ppl can change and be a little less naive from now on. You dont have to feel sorry or bad for the looser...
  • Breaking off an engagement is an incredibly difficult experience. But it is almost always for the best, in the end. You should digest what happened for a while. Figure out what went wrong. View it as a learning experience. Then don't repeat your mistakes. You will find someone else, and by then you will have bettered yourself.
  • im in the same situation as u i was getting married on the 8th march to my fiance of two years and i feel like crap. have no where to live and no money. just to say your not alone
  • ** Man I feel u Girl,, I lnow u feel heartbroken,, but if u dont mind me asking? what happened? what went qrong? maybe you all werent meant to be.. did he just have a change of heart all od sudden? and if he did what do u think that made him take that decision.. we I was engage with my ex for 3 years and he just came out of a blue moon... and said I dont love you no more... man it felt like a stab right in teh the heart, its been 2 months ago, and I can say it still hurts, but I gotta move on, the sad part is that we have a son together, but I gues he really didnt care,,,,
  • You'll make it and when that special someone ment for you appears, you'll understand why all that has happened, and you'll be glad. .
  • when ppl start asking questions, you don't have to answer! People will be looking for "answers". Just keep quiet and tell them you don't wish to discuss this right now. If it were me, I would throw myself into something I enjoyed or go to my best friend, or someone who would support me unconditionally. Do you have anyone you can go to that will not judge you? Even your hairdresser or teacher? :-( Things always get better, no matter how bad they seem.
  • my advise, dont run away cause you have prolly thought about it, dont sit in bed crying, dont go out drinking for a long time, that will make it worse, dont loose your job over this, they are not worth it, dont talk to him unless you have to, it will stir up things. #1 LOVE YOURSELF, if he didnt love the you you love then i promise there is someone out there so so great. Make sure you stay healthy and eating right, its hard to have an appetiete, excercise is a great stress reliever but above all that, the only thing that will heal your pain is time, trust me, good luck hun!
  • I am sry that happened 2 u.He's a jerk!You'll get through it.His loss
  • Ok. I wrote out this answer, then saw how old this question was. I thought about deleting my answer, but think someone might benefit from reading it, so decided to post anyway. I hope this helps anyone else going through a situation like this: I always sucks to go through a breakup. One thing that you can be thankful though is that he had the courage to end things now if he wasn't sure, rather than letting you show up at the alter and not be there, or waiting until you had children who would be hurt by a bad marriage or divorce. Give yourself time to let your heart heal and when you're ready to move on, you might surprise yourself with how happy the one you end up with can make you. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 18. He moved out when I was 21 and left me with our 6 month old baby and no job, and a one year lease he'd signed on our apartment. I was hurt and angry for so long. I really wanted to work things out. I didn't date for over a year, just hoping he'd come back to me, so I understand your broken heart. I also couldn't be more thankful for the way my life has turned out now because of him leaving. I still see him when he has visits with our son, who is now almost 11. He seems pretty miserable with stress and I can't believe I used to be soooooo in love with this man. On the other hand, I've remarried to a man who is perfectly suited for me. We love each other very much, are great friends, work well together to raise our three sons, and are very content. God has a plan for each of us and even when things look like a mess, He can turn them around for good. Just hang on and things will work out in the end. (((hugs)))
  • Same thing happened to my friend days before her wedding. It's been a year and she is doing wonderful. Looking back, she is thankful that her ex-fiance spoke up, otherwise, she'd be divorced. It just takes time. You will get over it. For now, just think, cry, spend time with friends and family, etc.
  • cry.. and let it all out.. you will find someone who actually deserves you..
  • i had the same thing happen to me. I spent my scheduled wedding day out on a date with another girl because I was dumped right before my wedding. Find a trusted friend and get some stuff off your chest. Now my ex realizes her mistake. too late I am married to someone else and quite happy...she is not so happy. She got what she wanted. Perhaps it is for the best and you will meet someone better...I did.
  • Same is going on with me. My girl left me just one month before our marriage schedule. Everything was ready and planned all relatives were informed. I know it is very hard ur mind always think about time you spent with your ex-love and heart not ready to accept that ex can be so rude. Heart wishes to get that person back to you. I dont know what I should do, but I know life will not stop. Let us live and see if the next person not feeling sad for you lets make ourself strong and get better than what we are now. Take good care and God Bless you.

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