• Yes!...<cough> apparantly! works for some girlies too!
  • Yes. It was discovered by accident precisely because it does work. It was intended as a heart medicine, but they were giving it to healthy student volunteers to check it had no bad side effects. When the test was over, they asked for left-over pills to be given back - and all the men refused. When they asked why, they were told about its anti-impotence effect. They didn't plan it, the students discovered it practically.
  • Is the sky blue, of course it works, don’t use to much though or you will be walking around with a stiff one all day...LOL
  • Is works for some mens's.
  • Viagra is a Vaso-dilator, which causes blood vessels to widen, allowing more blood flow. So yes, it would work, along with lowering your blood pressure and a few other effects. The real question to be asking is "what else does it do to you?". Chances are it isn't going to hurt you. But best to check.
  • Yes it does work. It does however have a number of factors that limit its' efficacy. The one cool thing I have found though with Viagra is that it has side effect that will tell you if it is working. When it kicks in you vision will change. Blues will get annoyingly bright. This tells you the clock is running. You have about one hour from when your vision changes to get whatever work you want to do done.
  • it might work for some people
  • Hi, A big Fish!!!! Yes It definitely Worked for my Father he enjoyed a lot (Twinkle) It has great way to enjoy moments with Pleasure!!!
  • probably or no one would be using them
  • The answer is yes. Many sex experts has proved that generic viagra is one of the best and worthy options to treat erectile dysfunction. Some peoples try penis shock therapy but still they didn't found any good results so they also go for generic pills which is easily available at better price and also show effective results as the branded pills. There are different types of initmacy pills are effective like silagra,caverta(, tadapox,tadalis etc.

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