• be just as lazy. and if your boss has a problem, just say that they are setting a bad example.
  • You can 1) Make it clear to your boss that you are doing what you can to cover for his laziness in hopes of getting something in reciprocation. 2) Ignore it and do your job until you can get a transfer or somehow get out of his department. 3) Find another job
  • You don't. It's why he's employed you to work for him in the first place. You're a better worker probably, but certainly not as intelligent hence why you're not the boss and he is..
  • Depends on how he has his position. If he's family with the owner or something, then you should find another job. If he's using your work to cover for himself, then you need to plan how to make those above you see that it's your work. Then you'll have his job this time next year!
  • Fire him/her!
  • work for someone else then

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