• They have the right to be terminated motherf*cker. Hasta la vista baby (Terminator). In reality, robots don’t have the same rights as people because they are a human invention with the use of electronics, software and hardware just like a computer. Your question would be like asking if computers have rights. They have the right to be maintained and used carefully in the right hands.
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  • Please allow me to put a perspective on why this is a great question. You may think of a "robot" as an anthropomorphic machine. But the term entered the English language from Czech via the 1921 live-action play RUR. The plot of RUR is that, in the future, scientists learn how to grow human (yes organic people) in a factory. These motherless, fatherless people are then used as slaves, or "robots" to perform menial tasks at job sites (robot means serf in many slavic languages, such as Czech; the serfs were slaves of the pre-industrial era of Eastern Europe, which, in 1921, was an era many living people could recall). So, sort of by its old definition, "robots" were slaves, and thus had no legal rights. It was an integral part of the plot of the stage play, as, (*spoiler*), in the third act, the robots rise up against the born humans in a violent protest for their rights. In the late 1920's and into the early 1930's, the term shifted to focusing on machines rather than flesh-and-bones humans, as many admirers of the play made their own tin models of the robot characters, some even able to move on their own, but many of those also took inspiration from another popular story and stage play of the time, the Tin Woodman from the Wizard of Oz. Anyway, by the sci-fi boom of the 1950's the term robot was associated with purely mechanical creatures such as those models, and that is the version of the term we currently have in our vocabulary. Now with more recent film portrayals of robots showing them to have their own self-awareness, cognition, and even emotions, as well as the budding possibilities of AI someday showing the same traits, will the future have manufactured beings capable of emotions with or without any sorts of rights? It depends on a lot of things that have not yet come to pass.
  • No, they are just machines after all. Built to perform a function, like a car or a tractor, IMHO. 12/7/23
  • No because Robots are not human.

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