• Totally false. I saw Jersey Boys. Frankie knew the Four Seasons from his neighborhood. They went through several names before they settled on Four Seasons.
  • Maybe. Without Joe Pesci, there wouldn't have been The Four Seasons. Check out this YouTube clip from Jersey Boys:
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      I'd forgotten that scene. Maybe you are right.
  • Pesci's presence in the music scene goes all the way back to the early '60s. A Jersey-born kid of a working class Italian-American family, he's "partly responsible for the success" of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons–Pesci actually introduced a few of the guys to singer and songwriter Bob Gaudio, who would go on to write many of the group's biggest hits. So, NO, he did NOT introduce Frankie to the Four Seasons, he introduced the group to a songwriter who wrote many of their popular songs. So, Pesci did NOT introduce the group; but at the same time, he DID help to make them rich & famous!!!

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